So the girls’ retreat was this weekend. It was a good time. One of the things the speaker talked about was dressing modestly. What they did is a couple weeks ago they gave an anonymous survey to some of the guys at Campus House and asked them how they feel about girls who dress…scantily clad. And they all said that they don’t like it, it’s a huge distraction to them and it’s not something they want to see and they think dressing modestly is what’s “sexy.” Sometimes boys make me happy. One of the specific areas of dressing modestly is making sure your pants are up high enough that people can’t see your crack and it reminded me this, which I could have sworn was from SNL, but it turns out it is from the Man Show, which means I now have to admit to having watched it at least once lol. I got to talk to Melissa a lot, as well as Danielle. Yay. We made pens for a craft. Mine is pretty. Here’s a picture.

There is an amazing McDonald’s ad on one of the bulletin boards downstairs. Unfortunately, the camera phone can only capture so much.

Underneath it says “this is the best deal.” Then it says something about the McDonald’s dollar menu.

Tonight the movie at Buzzard was Rent. It was funny because I owed Susan a dollar for gas and I totally forgot about it until the line in the movie “Hey, artist, you got a dollar?” And then I pulled out a dollar and handed it to her and she goes “good timing.” Hehe. People laughed during the funeral scene, I don’t know why. I am in the middle of watching a bootleg of the OBC. I stopped it on intermission so I could write an entry and watch BMW.

Here are a couple funny links:

James Lipton recites one of Kevin Federline’s rap songs

Lazy Monday: The Chronicles of Narnia Rap (Parody) I think I am more amused by this one than the original lol.


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