Long overdue conversation!

So if we remember back to 2004, Jim had a second girlfriend named Sarah who worked in photo. I never talked to her, but I wanted to. I was looking at Anthony Bafetti’s MySpace and happened to see that she had left him a comment, so I decided to add her as a friend. She asked who I was and told her and when she said “Do you know jackass Jim?” I gave her my sn and said “Let’s trash talk him.” Here was the conversation (and I feel sooo much better now!):

******** (1:07:10 AM): hey
Jami86e (1:07:22 AM): hey is this sarah?
******** (1:07:29 AM): yeah
Jami86e (1:07:49 AM): yeah i was tempted to talk to you about jim that summer and i saw you at clc once and almost said something to you
Jami86e (1:07:53 AM): but i decided not to
******** (1:08:09 AM): so why do u think hes an ass?
Jami86e (1:08:14 AM): same reason you do
Jami86e (1:08:22 AM): except he and i never actually made it to the first date
******** (1:08:26 AM): did u date him
Jami86e (1:08:29 AM): almost
Jami86e (1:09:01 AM): i found his girlfriend’s xanga and her e-mail address was on there. i e-mailed her to tell her he cheated on her and she didn’t believe me and wrote in her xanga that i’m a psycho and then jim wrote the same thing
Jami86e (1:10:01 AM): he IMed me and spent an hour and a half telling me i’m ugly, i’m a psycho, i’m a bitch, i have no life, everyone hates me, i should go play in traffic, and then had the nerve to tell me i should grow up
Jami86e (1:10:16 AM): and he told me that i made up us almost going on a date
Jami86e (1:10:32 AM): he’s a real classy guy
******** (1:10:38 AM): yeah he is a jerk but he sure can kiss
******** (1:10:47 AM): lol
Jami86e (1:10:56 AM): lol
******** (1:11:38 AM): yeah i hate him he told me he liked me then went off with some fat bitch to get a blow job
Jami86e (1:11:58 AM): he cheated on his girlfriend that he is in love with with probably four or five girls that summer
******** (1:12:21 AM): one of them being me
Jami86e (1:12:25 AM): i said i would give her e-mail addresses of people who would vouch for him cheating on her and she wouldn’t take em
Jami86e (1:12:27 AM): yup
Jami86e (1:12:30 AM): and almost me
Jami86e (1:12:45 AM): he backed out of our date at the last minute because i won’t put out
Jami86e (1:12:56 AM): he didn’t say that to me but i’m not stupid
Jami86e (1:13:18 AM): he told me it was because he had a girlfriend but that didn’t stop him the other times
******** (1:14:13 AM): we were “together” for a little over a month and he knew that i was a virgin at the time and that he wouldnt get any from me
Jami86e (1:14:28 AM): he probably thought he could change his mind
Jami86e (1:14:44 AM): i was confused for a while because you and his girlfriend have the same name, but then i figured it out
******** (1:15:33 AM): yeah
******** (1:16:17 AM): and even last summer he would talk to me and tell me shit
Jami86e (1:16:24 AM): they’re still together
Jami86e (1:16:33 AM): believe it or not
******** (1:16:43 AM): i figured that
Jami86e (1:16:50 AM): and supposedly they are getting married
Jami86e (1:16:54 AM): i would like to throw up on him
******** (1:17:05 AM): lol
Jami86e (1:17:13 AM): you know it
Jami86e (1:17:24 AM): you should e-mail his gf and tell her what happened
Jami86e (1:17:31 AM): i feel bad for her
******** (1:18:23 AM): no i dont want to bc i have talked to her before and i think she knows me and jim had a thing
Jami86e (1:18:47 AM): well she didn’t believe me and said i’m like someone out of a lifetime movie
Jami86e (1:19:20 AM): then she added that’s bad because in lifetime movies someone always dies, implying that i am psychotic and am going to kill someone, what the heck?
******** (1:20:08 AM): ok… well have u seen her before she is not the prettest thing to look at
Jami86e (1:20:46 AM): she looks like she has been abused, which would make sense as to why she is with jim. girls who have been treated badly in the past tend to go out with other guys who will treat them badly
Jami86e (1:21:13 AM): he just stays with her because he can take advantage of her and will always have someone to go back to
Jami86e (1:21:28 AM): it’s sick because he teaches sunday school and wears a cross around his neck and claims to be a christian
******** (1:21:52 AM): yeah i remember the whole sunday school thing
Jami86e (1:22:18 AM): and he works in security and had a fake id
Jami86e (1:22:30 AM): he is the biggest hypocrite i have ever met in my entire life
******** (1:22:52 AM): yeah i know
Jami86e (1:23:19 AM): he also has an ego the size of texas
******** (1:23:39 AM): yep
******** (1:23:58 AM): he thinks he can get any one
Jami86e (1:24:01 AM): it sucks because i worked my butt off at that job and got jack squat and he got that stinking superstar whatever it was and gor promoted to lead and did absolutely nothing and they would always put him in charge when all the leads and sups were gone
******** (1:24:27 AM): thats bc he is a guy
Jami86e (1:24:38 AM): yeah i know
Jami86e (1:24:43 AM): that dept is so corrupt
Jami86e (1:24:52 AM): but it was worse that it was him
******** (1:25:10 AM): thats why i will stick to my company
Jami86e (1:25:16 AM): yeah
Jami86e (1:25:27 AM): josh told me he wanted to beat jim up for hurting you
******** (1:25:46 AM): yeah i know he still wants to
Jami86e (1:25:58 AM): what’s stopping him?
******** (1:26:03 AM): me
Jami86e (1:26:13 AM): cuz you can do it yourself? lol
******** (1:27:00 AM): no bc i knew what i was getting myself into when we started to see eachother but dont worrie one day i will get him back
Jami86e (1:27:14 AM): you knew he had a girlfriend?
******** (1:28:06 AM): i knew the way he was and at the time he told me they were on a break and could date other people
Jami86e (1:28:27 AM): they’re always on a break when he wants someone else
Jami86e (1:28:34 AM): why did you go out with him if you knew he was like that?
******** (1:29:06 AM): it was fun and i knew i would have fun with him and i did
Jami86e (1:29:33 AM): did you know about the dancer he hooked up with? she was in the show by the pond/carousel
******** (1:30:13 AM): yeah that was before me in the begining of summer
Jami86e (1:30:22 AM): yeah right after me
Jami86e (1:30:25 AM): i was PISSED
Jami86e (1:30:36 AM): i was LIVID
Jami86e (1:30:40 AM): i need to start using that word
Jami86e (1:30:42 AM): it is fantastic
******** (1:31:35 AM): the only reason i dont like him is bc he made out with my friend and she knew that i was with him
Jami86e (1:31:51 AM): shouldn’t you be mad at your friend too?
******** (1:32:15 AM): i am i stopped talking to her after that
Jami86e (1:32:37 AM): how does his gf not see this?
******** (1:32:50 AM): i dont know
Jami86e (1:33:19 AM): he needs to go to obedience school
******** (1:33:27 AM): lol
Jami86e (1:33:49 AM): i always said he and jorge are dating haha
******** (1:34:17 AM): lol that guy scares me
Jami86e (1:34:40 AM): did he ask if he could put your nametag on for you and give you his phone number?
Jami86e (1:34:51 AM): and keep telling you you were his favorite
******** (1:34:52 AM): no
******** (1:34:57 AM): lol
Jami86e (1:35:13 AM): and then when you got close with one of your coworkers he started being really mean and yelling at your and getting you in trouble for stupid stuff?
Jami86e (1:35:26 AM): he’s the reason i quit. i was so mad. i loved that job
******** (1:35:33 AM): sorry
Jami86e (1:35:39 AM): it’s not your fault
Jami86e (1:36:00 AM): i just didn’t know how to handle the situation so i copped an attitude and then quit. twice
******** (1:36:32 AM): lol
Jami86e (1:36:58 AM): i quit and then mary made jason convince me to stay and then the sitch with jorge just got even worse so i quit again a week later and then mary ‘fired me’
******** (1:38:04 AM): thats ok i got fired from my job and then came back the next year, i got fired right after the thing with jim so i told him it was his fault lol
Jami86e (1:38:12 AM): nice
Jami86e (1:38:24 AM): you got fired and then they let you come back? are you still a sup?
******** (1:38:51 AM): yeah and i might be manager this year
Jami86e (1:38:57 AM): nice
******** (1:39:01 AM): im just that good lol
Jami86e (1:39:12 AM): nice
Jami86e (1:39:44 AM): i made good money there and i loved my coworkers (except jim and jorge)
Jami86e (1:40:36 AM): well i liked jim at first
Jami86e (1:40:40 AM): for like a week haha
******** (1:40:58 AM): i just thought he was hot
Jami86e (1:41:13 AM): he’s cute. i didn’t have feelings for him. i meant i thought he was cool
******** (1:41:51 AM): all i had was lust for him
Jami86e (1:41:56 AM): i said i would go on a date with him even though i didn’t have feelings for him (but i didn’t tell him that)
******** (1:42:44 AM): lol
Jami86e (1:42:59 AM): i thought God wanted me to go out with him, because i am dumb
******** (1:44:21 AM): well i need sleep so g2g
Jami86e (1:44:28 AM): okay
Jami86e (1:44:35 AM): thanx for talking. you are my new best friend btw
******** (1:44:46 AM): lol bye
Jami86e (1:44:49 AM): cya!


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