It’s a really weird feeling…walking into your room and knowing your roommate just had sex in it. Eeeew!

So when did the word “single” become synonymous with “desperate”? I must have missed the meeting when that was decided, because I didn’t know about this. Today (or maybe it was yesterday) I got a message from someone on MySpace saying he noticed I was single and thought I would like to join his “Messianic Hebraic Dating/Courting” group. No, no I wouldn’t. Never in my life would I EVER go out of my way to find a boyfriend. Or “shop for a boyfriend.” ESPECIALLY online. NEVER. I’m perfectly fine being single and I trust God and His timing and I don’t need any outside assistance. That’s not how it works. If God wants me to have a boyfriend He will bring one in my life. That is how it is.

After bible study tonight we convened at Matthew’s house to watch last night and this night’s peisodes of American idol. (We = me, Erin Wakeford, Adam, Ezra, Matthew, Sarah [Metz], Yvette, Erika, and three people I don’t know). It’s nice to hang out with people I don’t usually get a chance to talk to (out of everyone mentioned, Yvette is the only one I have really had a chance to talk to). It is also really nice to have a group of people to watch American Idol with and have people agree with me. Before it was just my Mom watching it with me and she doesn’t always agree with me. In this group we pretty much all agree on everything. Once we get closer to the end it will be split, since there is actually talent this year. This is who I like:

Kellie Pickler
Paris Bennett
Lisa Tucker
Katharine McPhee

Taylor Hicks
Chris Daughtry
Will Makar
Kevin Covais

I really do not like:

Brenna Gethers
Becky O’Donohue
Stevie Scott

Gedeon McKinney (there is no way this guy is actually 17)
Bobby Bennett (it’s not that I don’t like him, so much as he just doesn’t have what it takes)

I don’t know who’s getting kicked off tomorrow, but that’s just who I do and don’t like. The others I could really care less about. One of the other contestants was talking about how she always watched American Idol the other seasons. She said “I watch it like a stalker.” That is the most recent addition to my Facebook profile.


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  1. Hmm ok I agree with Kellie Pickler and probably Paris, and I definitely think Katharine McPhee will be like one of the final two girls. For the guys I agree with Will but I think Elliot will get really far too. And I’m with ya on all those dislikes!

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