I am so burned out on school it’s not even funny. I need a break so badly, but I’m already a year behind. And after this semester I still have eight freaking semesters left, including grad school. Aaaaah. There are only 40 class days left before finals. Where did the time go? I would also like to go back to the beginning of the semester and start over from there, because I continue to mess up. I decided I’m not doing the internship this summer, I’ll do it next summer and not study abroad.

I am so ready to just give up and drop out grr (I wouldn’t actually do that).

Boo to school! I hate school! Remember when women weren’t allowed to go to school? Yeah what ever happened to that? Can we reinstate that rule?

I need a vacation. And a massage. Pleeeeeeease. Or at least the will to do my work.

On another note, they did actually wind up changing the social security number thing for registration so for Fall 2006, my social security number gets me Monday registration instead of Friday.

May I return
To the beginning
The light is dimming
And the dream is too
The world and I
We are still waiting
Still hesitating



  1. Of course I do.  I’ve worn the VS Push-up since I was 15.
    I’m very ready for a break.  My spring break starts next week, but I don’t have any stellar plans to look forward to – just time to be lazy.  I think I have 4 semesters left… which seems like a long time, but it should go by pretty quickly.

  2. I know… it’s been forever since I’ve seen anyone.  But no, I’m not going home because I have to stay here and work.  One of the many “perks” of having a permanent address is that coming home during all those college breaks just isn’t possible.  I’ve only been home once since July, and that was for four days over Christmas break.

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