Okay from out in the hall Kari and I heard a lot of banging around followed by “Owwww oh Goooood it huuuurts!!”
Kari: Hey, that’s Mike. What is he doing? *opens the door* What are you doing?
Mike (I don’t know this guy btw): I was snowboarding down the stairs and I hurt my elbow.

Who does that?

Now he is in my room talking to Kari. I am busy writing this entry so I don’t hear what they are talking about and I hear Mike say to me “…wait you’re not Jewish are you?” LOL. That made me laugh. I didn’t even hear what he was saying, but it was a funny coincidence. Then he adds “But seriously, I love the Jews.” Lol.

EDIT: This is the guy who smokes hookah outside of Taylor. Sometimes by himself. Now I get it lol.


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