Well it was sort of an eventful week, considering all I did was work.

I did find out what happened with my room. When there’s a storm sometimes the fan turns on by itself and when it turns on by itself it turns on full blast, so the lightbulb could have possibly come unscrewed a bit during that. That also explains why things had fallen off of my wall.

I have been having serious issues with my gag reflex lately and it keeps getting worse. I’ve been having trouble brushing my teeth and even eating a bit, mostly meat, which is weird. So I googled “sensitive gag relfex” and of course pretty much everything that came up was about fellatio. Which obviously doesn’t help me at all. And I have to go to the dentist this summer, so that should be fun.

This week I found out that Shawna Brandl and Shannon O’Dell each have a baby now. I also found out that two girls who work at Rainforest that are younger than me are pregnant, and I saw Nancy yesterday and she had a second child in October. She is younger than me as well. I feel so old.

I had dinner with Justin on Tuesday. We went to Rainforest (of course). He asked me if I’m dating anyone and I said no and he said a lot has changed since a few years ago when I was dating Matt (okay he didn’t call him Matt lol). NO MATT AND I WERE NOT DATING!!!!!!! HULK SMASH!

So I was in the elephant the other day and Seth walks by and goes “You’re doing good up here.” What the heck?! I have been up there many a time and he knows that. I’m freaking 21 years old and I know how to do my job. Shut the heck up. So then he had to come up there for some reason, I can’t remember why and he is right about to leave and he stops and the conversation went something like this…
Seth: I realised the last time we really had a chance to talk I was kind of a jerk to you and I noticed some tension between us. You’re more than welcome to not like me, but I just wanted to apologise.
Jami: Yeah, you made me really uncomfortable.
Seth: I don’t really remember what I said.
Jami: Well you basically spent the entire night trying to get me into bed.
Seth: Ooooh…
And then he walked away. Guess he didn’t know what to say. But later I saw him in the break room and told him I really appreciate the apology (because I do, especially since most guys would not do that) and he said he noticed the other day I was avoiding him (which is funny because I had spent more time talking to him that day than I did all of winter break) and it seemed like the most professional, right, grown up thing to do. Which sounds bad, but I can tell he feels really bad for being a jerk. And I didn’t have a problem with him before that night. But once you make me uncomfortable you’re done. I will take the apology into consideration and if I go back this summer I won’t avoid him. I may even tlak to him, but I’ll still be uncomfortable.

Some creepy guy came into Rainforest the other day and told me he owns his own company and asked me if I would like to work for him. He didn’t listen to me when I said I was only in town for a week. Ugh. I hate guys.

So I am standing around thinking about that and Seth and thinking man it has been a sucky week with boys and there is no way it could get worse, which is good. And then Jim walks passed the elephant. And I am not even kidding. Luckily my back was turned, so I don’t think he saw me. I was looking at the girl with him as they were walking away and thinking she looks really familiar, where do I know her from? And then realised the guy with her was Jim. He looks like he has gained 20-30lbs. Also he waddles like a duck, which I hadn’t noticed. I told Sarah I saw him and she said I should have shouted “Hey, jerk!” And then called him fat lol. She also said he always waddled like a duck. Lol.

So then last night I am thinking about all the aforementioned guy problems this week and thinking “alright, there is no way it could get any worse” and then Patrick basically asked me on a date. Or something.
Patrick: So, since it’s your last night we should do something special.
Jami: Like what?
Patrick: You know…something special.
Jami: Oh…I’m leaving tomorrow morning.

Why are guys so…grr. Okay I wouldn’t have cared so much about that last one except that he is 10 or 11 years older than me and has the same name as my ex boyfriend.

Spencer’s hair is getting kind of long. So the other day when it was really slow he came up to the elephant to talk to me and this guy walks over to us and says “Do either of you ladies know where I can find…” and I am just standing there cracking up and I guess Spencer didn’t hear it, but it was funny. Spencer does not look like a girl.

Last night was the last time I will ever see Martina. That is so sad.

I’ll be home again in three weeks, but I am going to be here for the first day or two of Passover, and I have no idea where I would find matzah out here, so I bought some at home. I also bought egg kichel (hopefully that will last until Passover…normally my Mom has to hide it from me so I don’t eat it all). And while I was at it, I bought some Manischewitz blackberry wine (I didn’t drink any of it, I left it at home), just because I could. I didn’t really feel cool. And it was a pain to have to pull out my ID too. And I had it out in advance, but still.

Christy and I were going to go to Zanies last night to see Gilbert Gottfried, but I had to work. Oh well. I sort of wish I hadn’t worked this week, just because I didn’t get to rest and I am so burned out and am not ready to go back to classes tomorrow. But it is always nice to have money.

Christy called me today and said she won’t be going back to school until tomorrow, because she is sick and her Mom wants to take her to the doctor. And I have four classes and a quiz that I can’t miss tomorrow. Luckily Susan said she would take me. So my Mom drove me out to Naperville and somehow we wound up not getting back until a little after 10pm lol. We did stop to have dinner at a place called Noodles and Company and she, Rhys, and I all had a delicious dinner of noodles, cooked vegetables, and spicy peanut sauce. It was so good. They should have one in Charleston and somewhere near home as well. Mmmmm. (Okay I just looked it up and they are building one in Lincolnshire, and since you can get takeout, that works well for when I am home). Whenever we go to and from Eastern we always take 57, so I just assumed. I didn’t realise Naperville was so far out. Then we were driving and I saw a sign for Braidwood and I realised we were on 55. I hadn’t been on 55 since before Frank died. I saw a sign that said Grundy County, but I didn’t see a sign that said Braceville Road. It was still really weird. There were trees on part of the median and there was a wall up too. I still just don’t understand.

A few weeks ago I was standing in line at Wal Mart and was looking at the covers of the tabloids. One of them said “Are cows being abducted by UFOs?” And under that was a picture of a field full of cows and next to that picture was a picture of an empty field. That is great. I almost bought it, just because it was so funny, but if I bought it I would be supporting the tabloid market.

If you talk to me online and see my buddy icon and are wondering who I am in love with, it’s nobody. I am not in love, I just think the icon is so cheesy and it is fantastic lol.

Also I have changed my name on Facebook to Jami Robins MFT. MFT = Marriage and Family Therapist. I am still trying to get used to this, and I just want to see how it sounds. It is possible that by the time I get a job I will have a different last name, but still. I do feel cool having letters after my name hehe.

The Five Love Languages

My primary love languages are probably
Acts of Service and Quality Time.

Complete set of results

Acts of Service:   8
Quality Time:   8
Physical Touch:   7
Words of Affirmation:   7
Receiving Gifts:   0


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don’t understand our partner’s requirements, or even our own. We all have a “love tank” that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz


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