First of all I will explain the pictures from the last entry as soon as Google finishes uploading the video. It says it’s live now, but when I clicked the link it said the video could not be viewed.

I ran into Dr. Mitchell today. He told me I should audition for some plays. I told him if I was going to it would be a musical and I asked what the musical is next year. He said it’s “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” And I said I would audition (because I don’t like being pestered. Like Will Ferrell in Austin Powers where he has to answer a question if he is asked three times lol), knowing nothing about the show, except that I would have to wear a toga lol. So I came back and looked it up….SONDHEIM?!?! I have been out of choir for three years and he wants me to do a freaking Sondheim—is he crazy?! Oh man. Well that will be interesting. The theatre on campus is set to open Fall 2007, and, due to my messing up a lot, I will still be here. I told him they should do Fiddler on the Roof and he said they are actually talking about doing that. Yay. It would be like the song “The Fiddler With no Jew” from Forbidden Broadway, which Angelfire will not let me upload for some reason. But it’s a funny song.

I talked to Kristina (roommate for next year) today and I am so freaking excited I can’t even believe it! I saw in her Facebook profile that she, like me, is obsessed with Peter Pan, so I brought that up. She even owns both the Mary Martin and Cathy Rigby versions of the musical, as well as the cartoon and Hook, of course. She has, however one upped me, as she owns Finding Neverland and I do not. But we both sleep in Tinkerbell pajamas!!!! And I told her I buy Peter Pan peanut butter just because it’s Peter Pan and she said “MEEEEEEE TOOOOOOO.” Also, she is a Christian, if I didn’t mention that before. What’s funny is she had requested to live with a friend and that didn’t work out, then she requested a single in Taylor and was even told that she didn’t get into Stevenson, but she was lied to. Well that is God for ya and I am so happy!!

Okay so after the 70s party last month some of us went to Steak and Shake and I FINALLY got the pictures from Anthony, so here they are:

Me and Ica. This was us making fun of the Brady Bunch opening credits when they are all looking at each other, but I lifted my chin up way too high and didn’t even realise it and it looks weird lol.

Anthony and me.

Ica, Susan, and me. This looks really weird because I was told not to block Susan. Then later I was told I shouldn’t have looked at the camera. I look like a fish. For the record that is not actually how I kiss.

Me and Kenny. What’s funny is at the time this picture was taken I had only talked to him once, maybe twice, and he still thought I was Susan’s roommate. It looks like we knew each other really well, but that is just not true. I cannot even believe how amazing this picture turned out, because I am like never happy with pictures of myself. I take bad pictures and I don’t think they look like me. But this one definitely looks like me. It turned out so well! Yay I am so happy!!


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