So it’s spring now and we got more snow last night and this morning than we did all winter. I am so sick of this freaking Illinois weather BS. One of the many reasons I want to live in California.

Speaking of which, I realised yesterday that if I hadn’t dropped my Intro to Professional Writing class this semester, I could potentially be done with all my classes by the end of Spring 2007 and do my internship that summer and be in grad school for Fall 2007. This would involve taking an entire semester’s worth of classes this summer and it would probably kill me, so what’s the point? It’s too late now anyway, plus there’s no way we would ever be able to afford it, but oh well.

Yesterday we were assigned a 5-7 minute biographical speech due Monday. I am going to do mine on Gilda Radner. We need four sources and only two can be from the internet. We have like the 2nd largest library in Illinois and we do not have that book. And neither does the one and only bookstore in Mattoon. And it would take a week for them to order it. And it would take a week to order it online. I Googled the Mattoon library and it turns out they have it. So Susan went out of her way to take me there and they closed early today because of the snow. Crap! I have 30HF this weekend, so I need to get it ASAP and I don’t have time tomorrow, so now I need to find someone who can take me on Thursday. And Christy is like dying so I can’t ask her. Crap.

Okay, now to explain those weird pictures. Google let me upload the video, but it won’t play with sound, for some reason. I uploaded it again and the same problem. They told me to convert it to MPEG format, but I can’t do that unless I spend $30 on Quicktime Pro. And somehow this two minute and 55 second video is 1.18Gb, so I can’t upload it to YouTube or iFilm. Bah. But it’s for the best, because I’m sure nobody wants to hear me sing anyway lol. I’d post the video without sound, but I really don’t think anybody cares that much lol. Well, it’s the song “Mooning” from Grease.

And speaking of Grease, yesterday AOL released a list of the 25 worst sequels ever. So I opened up the list, anxious to see which number Grease 2 was. I go through the entire list and it’s not even on there???? There was a place for comments and on two pages I saw at least 5 or 6 comments asking why grease 2 was not on the list. HAHAHA. That movie is so bad Michelle Pfeiffer won’t even let her kids watch it, because she is embarrassed.

I love this new picture of me so much I can’t even believe it!!!


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