Why is it snowing again? We are having a cookout tomorrow at midnight to break the fast. It is going to be freezing outside.

Susan and I were going to be in the talent show tonight, but we were going to dance and my knee was killing me last night, so I can’t.

I told my speech teacher about the problem with the book and he told me I can just do my speech whenever I get the book, so that is good.

I hadn’t talked to Christy in like two weeks, except when she called to tell me she couldn’t come back to school on Sunday. She’s been really sick and Susan had to take her to the hospital the other day and then her Mom came to get her to take her home. She didn’t go to any of her classes this week. She didn’t even go to the Republicans meeting *gasp*. Anyway I just called her and she is still alive and should be back at school on Sunday. Yay.

It’s still not letting me post pictures!!


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