EDIT: My Dad says “CU l8er” right before he signs off of AIM, but I have had to explain to him 10 times what lol means.

Okay first let’s start with pictures that I couldn’t post before.

Josh should not be allowed to have grapes anymore.

Lol that’s great. I stole that one from Scott Hankley’s Facebook.

Okay so 30 Hour Famine was this weekend. I ate so much good food on Friday night mmm. I started getting hungry around hour 26, but then I got fine until the last hour. Then I ate so much food that my stomach hurt and I had to leave or else I would eat more and or throw up. I went shopping with Kenny for the break fast food, because I wanted to make sure we had all beef hot dogs. Yay! We also watched Ice Age and then on Sunday night there was a reference to it in Family Guy. Good timing. Oh and we had a scavenger hunt and I wound up driving Susan’s car. So now I have driven in Charleston. It wasn’t bad except for the random people that pop out everywhere.

So last night Kari had to leave the room for a few minutes while her boyfriend was in here. I knew he was going to try to start a conversation with me…
Him: Does my being here bother you?
Me: All guys make me uncomfortable, it’s not just you.
Him: Why?
Me: Because they do. How is that any of his business?
Him: You have a lot of pictures on your Facebook of you with guys.
Me: I wasn’t alone with any of them. Why does he have my pictures memorized? And I really don’t have a lot of pictures with guys. *tries to ignore him now*
Him: You should get a boyfriend.
Me: I don’t need a boyfriend. I’m fine.
Him: You should find a nice boy…

Okay why am I the only person in the entire world that is okay with me being single? I don’t understand why people can’t just let me be single and leave me alone.

So I suggested we get new floor shirts this semester since the ones last semester were inappropriate and apparently I wasn’t the only one who didn’t buy one because of that. So tonight we had a pizza party and voted on the shirt designs that had been submitted. And the one that one is really suggestive, so once again I can’t buy a floor shirt.

I’m going to a seder at U of I with Danielle, Ted, and Anne. They decided they want to sit through the two hour one at 7:45 instead of the half hour one at 5:30. But other than that I am excited! They need to be cultured lol.

Lazy Sunday: UK Narnia Rap This video has been rated R, by me, due to language.

If you haven’t seen the live action Simpsons opener you should watch it. Check the band director. It’s scary. I am still boycotting the Simpsons, which is why I found this online, because I heard about it and wanted to see it.



  1. i was going to tell you to make sure you eat the one thing that you hated, but i can’t remember what it was.  was it lamb?  or the parsley?  i have no idea, dang it.

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