Smoebody I don’t know IMed me yesterday and said “I saw your Xanga, wanna sleep together?” Wow.

This morning at church everyone was complaining that they were woken up early by the thunderstorm. I am the lightest sleeper ever and get woken up so easily, but I didn’t hear it or wake up. I think it’s probably from working at Rainforest. I’ll be there on a double and leave afterwards and think “Did it storm at all today?” I just don’t notice storms anymore, unless I am being rained on.

This year is not going so well for me. At the beginning of 2006 I had a fake wife, a fake girlfriend, and three fake boyfriends. As of today I have only two fake boyfriends left. Jen and I were talking about going to semi formal together but then she decided to break up with me. I guess I am just a really bad fake significant other.

I was invited to a group on Facebook called “WHITE GURLS IS WHAAS POPIN ….. BROTHAS …..YEAH I SAID IT !!” lol.

I still haven’t done any of the work I need to. Kari came back while I was at church and I was like crap now I gotta do it while she’s here. but she has gone home for the night, so even if I have to pull an all nighter I can still be on my own…with the light on.

We’re on a tornado warning right now. Some of the network channels are out. I may have to have my Mom record Grey’s Anatomy for me.

When I was little my Mom made a children’s haggadah that we used in Shabbat School around Passover. You can colour in it and stuff. My Mom scanned it into the computer so I could send it to Anne, Danielle, and Ted so they can have a background on the holiday before we go to the seder. Ted is very excited that he gets to colour.

This week at bible study it’s Nickname Night. I have no nickname. So I have until Wednesday night to come up with one if anybody has any [appropriate] ideas.



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