California Dreamin

Well I wasn’t supposed to be able to register for classes til 6am but I randomly decided to try it now to see what happened and it let me. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the remainder of my stay at Eastern. For the first time in my entire college career everything worked out first try. I think it’s the first time anyway. I don’t know. So here is my Fall schedule.

PSY 3870 001 Social Psychology 9-9:50 MWF
HST 3700 001 Methods in Community Health Education 10-10:50 MWF
MAT 1271 007 College Algebra 12-12:50 MWF
HST 3500 002 Human Sexuality 12-2:30 T
HST 3560 001 Women’s Health 2-4:30 M

I’m so stressed out with school. I decided to give up on math. Almost all of us in my class are failing because the teacher is horrible, plus it is in Old Main at 4pm three times a week. I can’t drop it because it will take me below 12 hours for the semester, plus it will say WF, so I may as well just not bother and have it say F and be able to keep my financial aid. It doesn’t count towards my GPA anyway. But now I have to take it at CLC over the summer and they don’t have an online class so I physically have to go over there and I also have to pay for it with my own money. But with math out of the way right now I just may be able to make it through the rest of the semester. I can’t let Fiyero win.

I am also considering taking tap at CLC this summer, because I never exercise and plus it will transfer as an elective. I have to take a bunch of random electives and there aren’t a lot of classes to choose from here, so I may as well take a non academic one while I can. The only problem is I took the taps off of my shoes so I can wear my character shoes as dress shoes (I know that’s bad) so I will have to find someone to put them back on for me, assuming I can find them. I just know I can’t have them put on at Abernathys, because that’s what I did last time and the guy did it wrong and one of my screws would always catch on the floor, another wouldn’t stay screwed in, and the top ones were too far down so it wouldn’t make noise when I did digs so I had to hit my toes harder to try to make noise and it hurt my toes. So yeah.

I found a really nice apartment in California, but it doesn’t matter lol. I am going to go to sleep for a couple hours then do an assignment for one of my health classes that I have to look for four jobs and analyze them. I am going to look for my field related jobs in California to see what’s out there, which means more daydreaming about the future…

Also, this really made me smile. Thanks, Jenni!

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