Yay I have my Netzer shirt. I am officially cool. I will be even cooler when I wear it tomorrow .

Just like Facebook, you can now poke people on Xanga!

Last week after American Idol Matthew showed us a tape of The State. Derek has been telling me for years to watch it, but you can’t get a copy of it anywhere. However I have now found sketches on YouTube.com. My favorite was “I’m Michael Ian Black. My name used to be Michael Schwartz but I changed it because I’m ashamed of being Jewish.” I love it so much it’s in my Facebook profile, along with 74 others.

Vicky is still really angry about that one round of Mafia last week that was so bad. It’s funny.

Semi Formal is on Saturday. It is making me feel like I am in high school again. The only dance I went to in high school was Turnabout sophomore year, because the I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to go with me and I didn’t really have any friends I could hang out with, so I feel left out and now feel like I can use this to make up for it. The only person I would really want to be there with me lives 2,000 miles away so it doesn’t matter. I don’t want a “date,” but it would be nice to have a friend there with me. So what do I do…go to the fake boyfriends. Brian won’t come because it’s too far (yeah okay five hours, I will give him that) and I ‘can get any guy I want,’ which is not true. Well see I don’t want, which is why I asked him lol. Derek has an audition. He sucks. Danielle asked me to be here date and everything was fine and dandy but this is her spring break and she decided at the last minute to visit her Dad in Florida, leaving me alone and dateless. She had invited me to go with her to Florida, but I can’t miss classes. It won’t be bad, because I have friends that will be there, but it just would have been nice to have a friend be my ‘date.’

I have seen two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy thus far that have featured Anna Nalick songs. Yay!

Here is a tip: when tlaking to someone you are about to move in with, don’t tell them you stay up late and then go to bed before 1am almost everyday. This is bad, because now you have an angry roommate. When you are in college if you go to bed before 1am you do not stay up late. Believe me.

They just within the last couple days took down my favorite Passover song off of the web site it was on and now I am upset because I wanted to share it with people. What terrible timing…why would they take it down a week before Passover starts? That is crap!

This is amazing. If you don’t understand, click here. If you still don’t understand, click here. If you still don’t understand, there is no room for you in my life.

Jami Robins —


A person with a taste for acorns

‘How will you be defined in the dictionary?’ at QuizGalaxy.com

Your Lucky Underwear is Blue

You are caring and extroverted. You’ve made relationships your number one focus, and your lucky blue underwear can bring some balance to them.

You thrive in one-on-one situations. You are a good listener and a natural born therapist.

Sometimes you let the concerns of others become too important in your life, leading to stress and worry.

If you want more balance, put on your blue underpants. They’ll help you take care of yourself first.

I am certified:

38% addicted to Myspace

Are you addicted to MySpace?

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