I’ve been trying not to write a lot of entries, because I know it’s annoying, but I really can’t sleep right now. I have had a fever for over a week, I still have the tachycardia, and now I have a terrible dry cough that is keeping me awake and it is making my chest hurt really badly. This is such a bad time to give up most of what I eat. I hope it doesn’t make me sicker. Well that is why I am going home this weekend. Food. Cuz I certainly won’t find anything to eat here.

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I had to watch American Idol tonight, since I can’t watch it tomorrow night. I almost voted, but didn’t. I was going to vote for Kellie. Predictions for bottom three tomorrow night: Bucky, Ace, Katharine. Any of them could go. Hopefully it will be Ace and then we never have to see him or his brother or his scar (“I fell down on the basketball court…”) again.

It’s official. They are tearing down 5821 N. Halsted St. and the last show there will be April 29, and I’ll be at school, so I will never walk into that building again. My heart hurts.

Oh and as of last night Derek is now my only fake siginifcant other. What happened??? Lol.



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