Haha I was right. And I am glad they are making the search better because I hate the new search as well.

Also, my new favorite quote “He has this amazing hairless body. It’s like hooking up with a seal.”

And also I had a dream the other day that they got rid of the el. At first they were just going to get rid of the purple line but then they decided to get rid of all of them and I was walking along the tracks as they were destroying it and there were giant gaps everywhere. It was so scary.

Kari has a code word that she puts on the dry ewrase board when she is having sex so I won’t walk in on it. So I put it up right as I was leaving just to mess with them so they would be standing in the hall knocking on the door forever cuz I wouldn’t be there to answer haha. Unfortunately they got back literally just as I was, so it didn’t work. I told them though. Dang it would have been good.


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