First of all, these new “footprints” are driving me crazy. They don’t match up with my sitemeter at all, because there are at least five times as many footprints as hits on my sitemeter, and they all say California instead of Illinois or any other location. And there is no referrer listed.

I found another video. I don’t think the war is okay, but after seeing this video I think it’s safe to say that the troops have given up on fighting and have found other productive things to do with their time…



  1. Ok that was just friggin’ hilarious… according to my friend Ryan, though, the Marines are even more bored, and find crazier things to pass the time. (He was in Iraq for a little over a year.

  2. Movie = hilarious, Fighting = right, and to agree with the above…yeah, some Marines should definately be more afraid of themselves than of the enemy.
    Nate (future Marine 2nd Lt.)

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