Her pubic hair grew in a different pattern than his wife’s.

Let me say this now. If, tonight, you find yourself with a McPheever, get some McCowbell, because I will NOT have that witch become the next American Idol! SOUL PATROL! SOUL PATROL!

My lovely wife, Amanda, informed me last night that they just fired another (or maybe two others) Tour Guides yesterday. Fantastic.

I had heard a rumour a while ago about Facebook away messages, but I didn’t believe it. Then last night the rumour became true. But everyone’s are really boring.

I logged into Facebook the other day to find I had a friend request. I had no idea who it could be. I cliked the link and it was Clay Kovac. What??? I don’t even know how to respond to that.

I think it’s funny that nobody can tell how old I am by looking at me. Two years ago I went to McDonald’s and was asked if I would like a Mighty Kids Meal. Two days ago I went to Dominick’s and was told “Have a nice day, Mrs. Robins.”

Yesterday I gave Brian his DVDs. Photoshop had driven me crazy. It took so long to figure out what I needed to do and I wound up with 37 layers. I’m never doing this again lol. I found out one of the DVDs was for Kimmy, so I came home and made a new cover for her and then Brian came to get it and I locked myself out of the house for the first time in my life.

My Dad has absolutely no idea how to use a computer. He came over this morning to use mine.

Dad: How do I get on the internet?
Jami: Click the compass or the globe with the fox.
Mom: That’s a fox?
Jami: No, Mom, it’s an antelope and they call it Firefox.
Dad: This is Xanga, I want to get onto the internet!
Jami: You’re on the internet.
Dad: How do I get to Yahoo? Xanga is telling me the web site I am trying to get to doesn’t exist.
Jami: That’s because it’s not a search engine, it’s an online journal.
Dad: How do I get to Yahoo?
Dad: How do I turn on your printer?
Jami: Press the button.
Dad: Which button?
Jami: The only button…

Today I went to the DMV to get my new driver’s license, since my old one expires tomorrow. Right as I walked in I saw Ian Holland, whom I have not seen in three years. He told me he has a MySpace now. Then I sat down and Saw Eric Esch, who is home from San Diego for a week to get a new license. He told me in Arizona you get a new license when you turn 21 and then your next one doesn’t expire for 45 years. That is crazy.




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