Who wants to buy my Mac?

Blahhhhhhhhhh. I need a lap top. That’s all there is to it. I haven’t been to class in three weeks, because I’m dumb and I can work on it at home, but only if I have Windows. I also need a lap top so that I can get a Night Assistant job at school next year. I’m already up til 4am so why not get paid for it? But I can’t do it if I don’t have a lap top, otherwise I’ll just be sitting there staring off into space for five hours. So I wake up and there’s a lap top for me. But it’s a freaking PC. I cannot believe my Mom would even CONSIDER buying me a PC. But she said it’s because it was only $500. But I just can’t…no…I can’t. I get so frustrated even trying to use those Pieces of Crap (yeah, I know, real creative). And Macs now have the ability to have Windows on them.

So if I can do that, then I may as well just get a Mac, because then I can sell my other computer and only have one computer. But the problem is selling it, because I don’t know anyone who would want to buy it from me, even though it’s less than 11 months old and in really good condition. So I don’t know what to do. As it is I am struggling to get out of debt. I just don’t know what to do. Blahhhhhh.

All of a sudden I have several people who want to hang out with me. becky Peadro just moved to Vernon Hills a few days ago, so she is asking to hang out. I might be going out with Kate on Sunday night, I was invited to go to rib fest with Josh and Melissa on Sunday, but it’s pork, Kristel wants me to go clubbing with her for her birthday next week, and Mandy is going to be in town this weekend and this weekend only and she wants to hang out. It’s just weird to me haha.

Monday I am driving out to Naperville to meet Melissa because we are going to the Ren Faire next week and she is going to make me a dress and we have to pick out material.

At last MySpace has the option of making your profile private without having to say you are 14 or 15, so mine is private now and says I’m 21.

I’ve heard from Martina a couple times this week. She’s gone back to Slovakia and all of a sudden her English is bad: “I’m eating pills for baby and I go nuts.” Spencer will get a kick out of that.

Miri is going to be in Chicago in August and needs somewhere to stay and I said she can stay here and I’ll just go back to school a day later, but I just got a comment from heidi on Facebook and ugh I miss my friends so much and I just can’t wait an extra day. I feel bad, but I just need to be around my friends again and I can’t wait any longer than needed.

I wish I could go back to college.
Life was so simple back then.
What would I give to go back and live in a dorm with a meal plan again!
I wish I could go back to college.
In college you know who you are.
You sit in the quad, and think, “Oh my God!
I am totally gonna go far!”

How do I go back to college?
I don’t know who I am anymore!
I wanna go back to my room and find a message in dry-erase pen on the door!
I wish I could just drop a class…
Or get into a play…
Or change my major…
Or f**k my T.A.

I need an academic advisor to point the way!
We could be…
Sitting in the computer lab,
4 A.M. before the final paper is due,
Cursing the world ’cause I didn’t start sooner,
And seeing the rest of the class there, too!

I wish I could go back to college!
How do I go back to college?!
I wish I had taken more pictures.


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