Well I don’t have a job anymore. JR was trying to force me to do Cha Cha, even though he knows I can’t breathe in it. He unapproved my shift changes, so I told him I was going home tonight and then he told Chris I quit. I called and talked to Kevin, but Kevin said leaving meant I quit and that I would have to talk to JR, because it’s his shift. Chris said I don’t have a doctor’s note, so I can’t not do it. This is ridiculous> i had already put in my two weeks, I only had a week and a half left. And I was going to go back over Thanksgiving, winter break, and spring break. And i’m upset because I will not be able to get another job until after I have my master’s degree, because I have that internship next summer. This is so ridiculous. Well at least I quit and they didn’t fire me.

I’m going to go try that new Robek’s Juice place in Vernon Hills. I hope I like it, because it’s a lot closer than Jamba Juice.


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