I finally went to the eye doctor today. I have Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. And I have it in BOTH eyes, not just my left one. It’s not contagious, but I have to use these drops for like ever. I have enough refills to get me through the next seven months. And I can’t wear my contacts until it gets better. This bites. Lucvily we have met the deductible for insurance this year so for the rest of 2006, everything is free. And thank God, because eye drops + medication + birth control pills (I decided to stay on The Pill instead of The Patch, the last thing I need is more mood issues) = $193 co-pay. I don’t know what I’m going to do, come January.

Last night we ate at Rainforest in Woodfield. They take $9 out of every paycheck, so I have every right to continue to use my discount for the next 3.5 weeks. Too bad I can’t use it down at school. I hated the one at Woodfield though. They were soooo slow and the line for Aqua went through retail. And the kitchen was so slow and they didn’t even put sour cream on my Lava Nachos. Carl transfered to Woodfield so I had him wait on us. He said nobody runs food there, except the runners. No wonder it’s so slow. I’d much rather eat at Gurnee, especially since I know everyone who works there, but I know if I tried to use my discount there, they would flip out at me, even though it is perfectly legal for me to use it. Whatever. Oh and Sam told me JR didn’t have anybody do Cha Cha after I left on Friday. What a weirdo. It’s just funny because I was one of very few people who didn’t have a problem with him. I guess he wants everyone to have a problem with him. Oh and I tried the banana cheesecake and mmm was it good.

Well second semester this year will be very interesting. Kristina is going to be studying abroad, which means I will have a new roommate in addition to new suitemates. It’s Jami and Trish vs. everyone else. Unless someone wants to donate $750 to me so i can buy out my room and only have to worry about new suitemates. The last thing I need is a new roommate who stresses me out.

I’ve got three semesters to get my credits in order, because if I do, I will be able to study abroad in Oz my final semester. That would be so wonderful!

Some guy I don’t know told me I’m his hero and added me on Facebook, because of my picture in front of Magnolia Bakery lol.

Well, since I don’t have a job, California is out for winter break. And no California and no job and no friends means I will be sitting on my butt doing nothing for three weeks. So I decided I’m going to try to birthright. I got nothin to do, so why not go to Israel for 10 days? The thing I have to decide is if I want to do the one only for people form Chicago or if I want to do the one for people around the country. But I have until September 12 to decide.

Melissa finally posted pics from the Ren Faire. Here are some of them:

Me with my pal, Bill Shakespeare

Roseann and I eating flowers


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