Well that worked out well

So I’m right about to leave for family group, still have no idea what to do, and I start feeling really sick. Perhaps it was that Big Mac I had earlier, but either way it worked out, because I let my not feeling well decide for me to do the Tuesday night family group, because I don’t feel well wnough to leave the suite, let alone walk to Campus House. Plus it’s good because I have to write a paper tonight and I have to shower and I want to go to bed early (I think I may even miss Boy Meets World tonight), because I have to be up around 7:45am to get ready to register for Birthright at 8am. I really hope I get in though. I’ll be so disappointed if I don’t. And I made my final decision–I’m going to do the national one instead of the Chicago one. I just can’t take Chicago people anymore. The ones I’m friends with now are fine, but I don’t need anymore in my life.


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