So when I watched The Wedding Singer the musical, there was this beautiful song called “Right on Time” and I loved it so much I was going to buy the cast recording. I looked at the list of songs on it first, and, to my dismay, found that my favoite song was not on there! Anyway, after doing some research, via MySpace, I found that the director of the show decided he didn’t like it and it was cut from the show. Apparently I am not the only person who was upset by this. I have recently attained a live recording of the song and I love it so much. The only problem is it’s hard to hear all the lyrics, and since it is not on the cast recording, no lyrics are available. So I sit and listen to it several times a day and try to decipher the lyrics. Here’s what I have so far (bolded part = love):

A quick goodbye
Then I lose hope
Should I worry
Well hold the phone
A lost connection won’t stand in our way
So everything’s okay

I know it comes as no surprise
Something something
Over analyze
I know you’re busy and that’s the bottom line
So everything is fine

And though it seems we’re moving slow
Without a doubt, deep inside I know we’re
Right on time
Well, more or less
When I lose faith
I keep repeating
Right on time
Why second guess our love?
When you and I are right on time

It seems I’m stuck just moving plates
The world goes on
The waitress waits
But it won’t matter if you call again
I wish I knew when

And seeing how the blah blah blah
I jhgreh dfghtd wbahh bah bah
We’re right on time
At least I think
Your heart is cold
But getting warmer
Right on time
Right on the brink(?) I am sure
We’re werjhsJnfish
QWeihejwrbf right on time

Now I can look for hidden signs
Or try to read between the lines
But do I really wanna throw out that dress
It might be better just to say instead we’re
Right on time
And that’s a fact
Yes that’s my line, I’m sticking to it
Right on time
And so I’m lackaday(?)

We’re so close we’re almost peaking(?)
If, you know, we’re roughly speaking
Still we’ll head right down the aisle
Or, hello, I’m in denial
Sometimes you’re non committal
If I give and take a little
We are right-ish on time

Also, our TV show for homecoming is The Muppets!!! And I’m doing TV Land Jeopardy! Yay!


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