Well I just got back from Fall retreat. There was a point today where I was outside and it was just so nice and peaceful. And the wind blew through my hair. And I knew that that was God telling me I should be a professional singer.



  1. RYC: I didn’t say they let anyone go, I said you could BS. your way in, for example if you choose to lie about being mesianic you would be going. To them Messionic is Christian, I don’t know if they makes you mad, but it is a Jewish trip, Torah and old tesitment, nothing Christian, which I think is reasonable, as Jennie would not be allowed to go on a Christian trip where she said she did not believe that jesus was the savior. There are many mission trips you could go on that would welcome you and not her.

  2. I’m not trying to agrue with you, but the kids thatare going don not believe in Jesus, did you ahe a bat mitzvah? Believing in Jesus is chirstian, it just is. You can all it a different name, but they are looking for kids who want to coneect with Judisum, Jewish prayers, and who believe the massiah hasn’t come yet, you wouldn’t even get along with the poeple who are going. A chrisitan program like I said whould love to have you. I wouldn’t be mad, it’s more than being born Jwish or looking Jewishand celebrating some holidays, it’s about believing in the Jewish aith, I am not sure an aithiest would be piked. Jennei had to tell about her temple, her Batmitzvah etc… the lady who set it up set up criteria, I don’t think a chrisitan should be allowed to on this particullar trip and Jews believe if you believe the messiah has gcome and it’s Jesus, it means your christian. You attended christian youth groups etc… I wouldn’t be mad, just find a program with Chrisitans or other messionic people. Melissa R, would never try and go to Israel on bith right but has been on many Christian trips.

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