I think I am going to start making protected posts, because I am really annoyed with certain people being obsessed with reading my Xanga, who aren’t subscribed to me, and who don’t want anything to do with me in real life. If you view my page, I can see it, so I know when and what page you are looking at. And if you seriously think you are going to read every single entry I have ever written…best of luck. Find something better to do.

If anybody who is subscribed to me wants to be on my protected posts list, leave a comment. I’m certain there are less than 10 people, so I won’t have a problem.

It is 88&deg outside today. We have our thermostat turned down to 65&deg, but it still feels like it’s about 80&deg in here.

I didn’t go to any of the three Yom Kippur services, because Nathan decided it was more important to go on dates and work than it was to go to services and take the three people depending on him for a ride. I didn’t really want to go anyway, because I’m unhappy there, but it’s better than nothing. I had wanted to fast longer than 24 hours, but I was starting to get really lightheaded around hour 22. I did make it to hour 24 though, even though I probably should have eaten before then.

Don’t watch the movie “Hard Candy.” it’s a good movie, but it will drive you crazy trying to figure out what happened. Trish watched it twice and still couldn’t figure it out.

The person I live with that was not talking to me has started tlaking to me again. Although she was very drunk at the time, but she is still talking to me. It’s hard for me to trust her now though, but at least she is talking to me.

I’m really upset because I have nobody to live with. I have asked several people and they all either have someone to live with already (even if they didn’t a couple weeks ago when I thought I was living with Danielle) or want to stay on campus. I have no idea what to do.

Some people I live with have needed to use my computer recently. PC users have no clue and it’s funny, because it’s so simple. I decided I can’t date anyone who doesn’t know his way around a Mac. I know I have a lot of standards, but, hey, what’s one more if it makes me happy?

I applied to work at Michael Domani’s. They said they’re not hiring, but we’ll see. I ate there last night and it was good. We’ll see what happens.

Slovin and Allen’s version of “Who’s on First?”


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