Everything happens for a reason

I don’t feel like I belong at Eastern anymore. Last year I did, but this year is just different, and not having anybody to live with next year is not helping. And studying abroad next year is not going to work out, because I am so behind on classes I need…

…Today I was going to eat lunch at Taylor. I was hungry, but I kept putting off leaving. Then I finally decided to leave and at the lkast minute opted to eat at the union, even though I should have used a meal swipe. I was right about to walk into the union when Zach Norman comes riding by on his bike. He stops to talk to me. I don’t know how we got on this topic of conversation, but somehow it came up that starting Fall 2007, Eastern will be participating in the National Student Exchange Program. You can go to school at another state school for a semester or a year and pay either Eastern’s tuition or in state tuition for that school. Which means, potentially, I could be at school in California next year without having to transfer and enter a new program and take even longer to graduate. So I looked at the choices of schools from the web site. I think I looked at most of them, and it looks like California State University at San Bernardino has all of the classes I need to take, except Intro to Professional Writing, which I can take here next semester, instead of Psychology of Gender. No big deal. I need to raise my GPA to 2.5 this semester in order to do it. So this will take a lot of prayer, but right now it feels really right. And if this is really meant to be, then that is why I can’t find anyone to live with next year. I would like to be there all year, but even one semester would be great.

And now for something completely different:

Stevenson uses really big cucumbers on their sandwiches.

This is our community closet. Those are all empty boxes. We are thinking of building a fort.

Christy goes to bed before I do…


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