Well I went through the course offerings at CSUSB. They offer everything I need, except for two classes, which I will obviously have to take here. Unortunately I cannot take them next semester, because they overlap with classes I need to take before my internship this summer, and classes that are only offered in the spring (Crisis Intervention and Psychology of Gender…which will be the two final classes I take for my 18 hour minor), so I will have to take them next Fall, which means I cannot go to CSUSB all year. However, if this works out, I will be there Spring semester of 2008 (Winter/Spring quarter for them) and that will be the end of my undergraduate career. I will have to be in school for an extra five o six weeks that year, but it will be worth it. I am so ready to be done with Illinois. Also I have tlaked to several people via the internet about CSUSB and they all love it. I was told the only thing I have to worry about is the San Andreas fault line, which is right behind the school. Also the wind gets bad sometimes and they close the campus for a few days haha. That is amazing.

So it looks like I am going to California for spring break. I think I have to visit CSUSB before I go there (if this works out) and my Mom said we should go over spring break. She also told me that she’d probably be doing work stuff and I would be on my own to visit the school, which is crap. I shouldn’t have to go by myself. So I decided to ask Kristel if she woudl like to come with, since we were supposed to go to CA over winter break and it has fallen through, due to my lack of employment. And money. She said she would love to go, and now my Mom is saying she just won’t go if Kristel comes with. Even better. So I want to spend a few days out there, maybe five. We will fly into LA and visit CSUSB. And In-N-Out Burger. Definitely In-N-Out Burger. Definitely. Also I decided I should try to visit a couple grad schools while I’m out there, if I can. I have a list of nine in this order (I think):

1. Santa Clara University in Santa Clara
2. California State University at Bakersfield
3. Holy Names University in Oakland
4. University of San Francisco
5. San Diego State University
6. Mount St. Mary’s College in LA
7. California State University at Stanislaus in Turlock
8. Dominican University of California in San Rafael
9. Argosy University in Santa Ana

We’ll have to rent a car. I looked up all these schools on the map and the only ones that are plausible to visit are numbers 5, 6, and 9 on my list. Not very high, but I guess visiting them may eliminate them from my list? Depending on what we decide to do and how much time we have, I would like to drive the six hours round trip to CSU Bakersfield, since it is number two on my list, and considering how big California is and the fact I have no idea when I’ll be back, it really is not that far away. But I have to talk this over with Kristel because it’s really not fair to go out there and make her visit all these schools with me. Although I have a feeling I am going to get dragged to a couple bars ugh. And shopping? Also ugh. I also told her if she has any law schools she wants to visit out there we can do that too. How I am going to afford this? I don’t know. We may just have to sleep in the car and eat out of vending machines the whole time. But this is a trip I have to make. And sooner than later.

And if we do wind up visiting San Diego State…I have this theory…I vow to make a serious attempt to find Carmen Sandiego. Depsite what this article says, I have reason to believe she is alive and well…and she would have to be living in San Diego. She just would. It just makes sense!

Yesterday I went to Champaign with Melissa and Josh. I got to go to Steve and Barry’s. Every piece of merchandise in that store is $7.98 or less and since it is getting colder I am in dire need of hoodies and annot afford them here. Unfortunately I was misinformed and they do not carry Eastern apparel. So I am hoodieless. Well I have two, but would like more. I did, however, find two shirts that are casual formal, which I needed, especially since my favorite shirt is GONE. I don’t know what happened to it. It is black casual/formal and it is my ID picture taking shirt! But I got a new black one yesterday, so it has [almost] been replaced. But I still miss it. I hate shopping with a fiery passion, but they actually had some nice clothes, and for cheap, so I may have to make a trip to the one in Mt. Prospect over Thanksgiving break.

My Mom went apple picking at Ziegler’s for me to get banana apples and Jonathan apples! Christy is bringing them home tomorrow! I am so excited!!

Also, I make my video announcements debut at church tomorrow morning.


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