Let’s put the “discuss” in “disgusting”

Last week I went with Christy when she went to apply to work at the nearby hotels. At the Days Inn, while she was filling out an application, I looked around the lobby and I saw under the desk there were about 10-15 copies of The Book of Mormon. I thought about taking one, so I can have more ammo against them, but I haven’t even read through the whole bible, so I don’t feel right about reading The Book of Mormon before The Bible. Plus what attention span do I have to read through it? But I found a six minute video on YouTube that is a condensed version of The Book of Mormon. There is a lot more that I didn’t know, that is a lot worse than I thought. Enjoy:


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  1. Thanks. I still don’t know for sure what I’m going to do, but I talked to my mom about it and I’m just going to look into four year schools that are close enough to Mundelein that I can live at home.

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