Who needs real conversation when you have Facebook?

I have decided that the main purpose of Facebook is to try and phase out actual communication. As if poor communication isn’t a big enough problem in today’s society, especially in romantic relationships. With 85% of college students using Facebook (I’m not gonna lie, I got that statistic from Wikipedia), 85% of college students no longer need to talk with people they used to talk with before they joined Facebook. Examples:

•If you want to get someone’s attention, you poke them.
•If you want someone to know you don’t like them, you write a note about it and tag them.
•If you want someone to know you have something in common, you invite them into a group you are in.
•If you like someone, you add them as a relationship, instead of asking them out.
•If you want to break up with someone, all you have to do is click “cancel relationship” and the relationship is over, no communication necessary (see Facebook Responsible For Breakup Epidemic).
•If you want someone to know they are a bad kisser, you add them as a hookup and describe it as “horrible.”
•If you want someone to know your friendship has been discontinued, you delete them from your friends list.
•If you want to compliment someone, you hit them with the beautiful truck.

Maybe someday people will be able to perform surgery over Facebook.

Facebook is obviously aiding in the deterioration of society. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a Facebook, you will probably lose all of your friends eventually, because they will have no way to contact you. Afterall, why would anyone still care about you if you refuse to conform? I’ll be honest, I too have fallen prey to this internet phenomenon and am more likely to leave someone a comment on their wall than I am to call them just to talk for a minute or two. And I am not going to stop logging in 84 times a day just because it might be ruining my ability to communicate.

“What is the point of this rant?” You may ask. To put it simply: I am tired.



One comment

  1. oh my gosh i want some icecreammmmmm
    oh btw, i don’t know if you recall but i was talking toyou on aim like last week and i just logged off because my internet connection got lost. it’s not a big deal, but just making sure you know i didn’t just sign off. haha. see yasss

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