Jami: Are you limping?
Josh: No..
Jami: It looks like you’re limping.
Josh: I’m a gangster, that’s how I walk.

Christy: I doubt we would be able to find anyone else on this campus that is as intelligent as the four of us in this room.
Jami: Christy, there are THREE people in this room.

Wednesday of last week was TV Land Jeopardy. I, with three other people, represented Campus House. There were five (?) rounds with four teams each. The questions were ridiculous…ly easy. The answer to every single question, no matter what the category was, was the name of a tv. And they kept on using the same shows over and over again. And since when is Baywatch a TV Land show? And why does that classify as one and Star Trek doesn’t? Anyway, they also didn’t have to phrase answers in the form of a question. I suppose that is to be expected. It is, afterall, Eastern and not Northwestern. I was expecting hard questions like “Which town is down the road from Green Acres?”, “What is the name of the hotel on Bosom Buddies?”, and “Who shot JR?” Yes, I know who shot JR. But no such questions existed and we domonated with more than twice the amount of points than the second place team in our round, and only two of us even answered questions. It’s just so easy when everything is about I dream of Jeannie and Full House.

Friday night Christy and I went to the pep rally with the special guest MC:

Mr Belding 001 Mr Belding 003

I don’t like posting these photos because I look so bad, but there is my proof. I feel bad for the guy though. They showed clips of everything he’s been in and nobody was paying attention and nobody cared and then they show the opening credits of Saved by the Bell and the crowd goes wild. Also I’m sure nobody ever says to him “Hey, you’re Dennis Haskins!” He will forever be knnown as “Mr. Belding.” I don’t think I would like it if nobody knew my real name and I was always “Jan the Pink Lady” or “Girl #3 from Anything Goes” or something of the like.

I also saw Jerry van Dyke in the parade on Saturday, but I did not meet him. He was too busy taunting the drunk people on the other side of the street.

Ica finally gave me the pictures from Shiloh last year.

Shiloh1 Shiloh3 Shiloh2

Yes, I chopped wood. Took me 30 minutes and Eric had to start it for me, but nevertheless, chopped it I did.

My sea monkeys are growing nicely. The larger ones no longer resemble sperm and I can even see their eyes when they swim close enough to the side of the tank. They are all named “Malkovich.” If you have ever seen “Being John Malkovich,” you understand why that is appropriate.

They changed the pizza sauce from Monicals. Jami is very upset about that.

I decided I really want to try playing Whirlyball. I think I am going to make people play with me over Thanksgiving break.

A few years ago I had a country on Nationstates, but I left it cease to exist, because they kept on giving me the same laws over and over again and I got sick of it. Plus it kept on saying it was an evil dictatorship or something and I was unhappy. But I was randomly thinking about it the other day so I decided to make a new one. Hopefully this time it will go better. I also figured out how to make my own flag:


My original intention was to make it entirely purple, but I had trouble staying inside of the lines. But I think it turned out cooler this way. I have no idea what I am doing in photoshop, so getting colour on it at all was an amazing feat in and of itself. However, I had a heck of a time getting it down to 10kb. Luckily my Mom knows her way around Photoshop and she talked me through it.

My country is called “Agnapot,” because everything I could think of was taken, and if you read that backwards, you will see it reads “Topanga.” And Boy Meets World is my favorite show, as I have recently realised. I decided to pronounce it “Ah-ña-pote.” If anybody decides to make a country, wire me a telegram so I can add you to my dossier!

Now I leave everyone with an excerpt from a message that nate sent out on Facebook the other day. It is amazing:

“An Army batallion was walking through the Iraqi desert trying to make it back to their base. The weather was terrible. Rain and wind was just pounding down on them from every side. Trudging through the sand and mud was becoming a miserable walk. One of the soldiers was praying, “God, please just take this storm away from us. Just get us home.” Well, the rain continued on. About an hour later it subsided. As the soldiers looked ahead of them, they were greeted with a bit of a shock. In front of them was the last stretch before they reached their base. Spread all across the desert floor was hundreds of metal disks – land mines. The torrential rain that had before seemed so unbearable to walk through had washed away the sand covering the deadly explosives. Now the batallion could safely make their way across the last mile with the danger clearly visible in order that they may avoid the mines. The soldier’s prayer had been answered, but not the way he expected. God was getting them home – safely. But God knew best. The struggle of walking through the rain was God’s way of making the soldier’s prayer come true. Amazing stuff.

Sometimes we pray looking for an immediate answer, an answer of our own desire. Perhaps, God sets in front us the trials we must endure so, that in the end, our prayers can be fully answered. If we stay true to him, and be diligent and patient, perhaps we will be rewarded. Just pray that you can see the rainbow through the storm. God will take care of the rest.”



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