Josh: Melissa, that’s gross. Don’t say “balls.”…They’re popcorn TESTICLES.

Christy: … Well I met Michael Jordan!
Jami: I met The Fridge.
Christy: I win!
Jami: How do you win?
Christy: Because you can’t compete with Michael Jordan.
Christy: *looks at the refrigerator*
Jami: William “The Refrigerator” Perry!!
Christy: OH!!
Jami: I told Christy I met The Fridge and she thought I meant the actual refrigerator.
Susan: Okay..
Jami: I don’t think Susan knows who The Fridge is.
Susan: *looks at the refrigerator*

They make individual sized Spaghettios that have pop tops so you don’t need a can opener. That is so amazing.

It turns out Monicals did not change their sauce, they just put the wrong sauce on my pizza the other day. Thank God.

My sea monkeys are growing a lot. One of them is about 1cm long already. I named him Malkovich. Just like the others. I am realising now how stupid it was for me to get them, because they need to be fed once a week and when I go home I cannot take them in the car for a four hour ride. Also, because it says they can sustain their colony for two years and I will be living in California in less than two years and I cannot take them with me. And I can’t let them die. Oh this was a bad idea.

I have convinced my Mom to let me take the car home after Thanksgiving break and have it with me at school henceforth, but the catch is I have to get a job so I can pay for gas. We’ll see how well that one works out. Gas was down to $2.02 here a few days ago but it went up 20 cents.

I missed one of my classes last week because it was 27º outside. I realise that is not really that cold, but it had been in the 40s and 50s and was supposed to be again that day and it was a 9:30am class and I was just not prepared to pull out my winter coat, gloves, and scarf, so I just went back to bed. Tomorrow has a high of 70º.

They are building a 5 star resort three miles away from here. They will have a lake with fishing and boating, bumper boats, a large pool, water slides, go karts, a petting zoo, mini golf, paintball, and duck tours. I think there will be mroe to do at that one resort than there is now in all of Illinois outside of Chicago and surrounding areas.

So Rob just moved out to LA a few months ago and I saw on Facebook yesterday that he has already quit his job at the William Morris Talent Agency. When I asked why he said it’s because he got a show already!! And it’s not just a pilot, it was picked up for nine episodes already and he will be in 3-4 of them!! How cool is that??? It’s a sketch comedy show on Spike TV called “MANswers” and it will be premiering sometime this winter. I am so excited for him!!!


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