Dr. Woods: *trying to draw America on the blackboard* I can’t draw America, so I’m just going to draw a big penis.

Tonight at bible study we watched a video from The H20 Project where you give up drinking everything but water for two weeks and use the money you saved to donate to putting wells in villages that have no clean water. It’s amazing. I made a group on Facebook to get the word out. Right now there are 50 people in the group and 24 of them do not even go to Campus House. Some of them I was surprised they joined because they are big drinkers and they have to give up alcohol for two weeks. They said a well costs $2500 so I am hoping to get 250 people in the group. If everyone donates $10 that is one well. I invited 596 people into the group. There are still 427 people who have not joined, so hopefully we will wind up with 250 people.

This is great: SupportYourMom

I am 99.9% sure I have a Fibroadenoma. It’s been there as long as I can remember and has never been pointed out to me by a doctor so I am thinking it should be okay until I go back in July or August. But with my luck it is malignant and I will die so everyone should be nice to me so I don’t come back and haunt you.

I made pistachio pudding for Jen Karr’s floor party the other day and she gave me the leftovers. I have so much left if anybody wants any. It’s good, if you ignore the fact that I put too many marshmallows in.

I took a very detailed quiz on findyourspot.com about my ideal location to live in the U.S. They gave me 24 cities. Some of them are a joke like Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Las Vegas. I just took it to see if at least the first one would be in California and it was:

1. San Diego, California
2. Orange County, California
3. Honolulu, Hawaii
4. Little Rock, Arkansas
5. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
7. Long Beach, California
8. Oakland, California
9. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
10. Norfolk, Virginia
11. Baltimore, Maryland
12. Augusta, Georgia
13. Los Angeles, California
14. San Jose, California
15. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
16. Las Cruces, New Mexico
17. Charlotte, North Carolina
18. Dallas, Texas
19. San Francisco, California
20. Santa Monica, California
21. Fort Worth, Texas
22. Chesapeake-Virgina Beach, Virginia
23. Tampa, Florida
24. Houston, Texas


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