EDIT: ABC is NOT being pulled tomorrow. I went to the MediaCom web site and it said they got an extension, but that’s all it said. Also, I was lied to…if they were going to pull it, it would just be ABC and not the others, because it is just the company that owns the central Illinois ABC station. Thank God, I can watch BMW tonight!! Also, I saw a prairie dog/gopher/groundhog something outside in the pouring rain by itself. It was sad.

“I like my coffee like I like my men—ground up and in the freezer.” -Dr. Simons

So after today Charleston will no longer have the following stations: ABC, ABC Family, The Disney Channel, and the new CW. I don’t watch a lot of TV but almost everything I watch is on those channels. I’m very upset and I know a lot of other people are too. Now I REALLY want to go to CSUSB next school year, even if it’s only from January-June. I can’t believe they’re taking away my Boy Meets World. Grrrrrrrr.

Christy and Trish got busy today. It looks like Christmas threw up in here. However, we do have one banner that says “Happy Hanukkah.” They still have their Halloween stuff out so now they want to decorate for many other holidays. Which made me realise just how many holidays I am morally opposed to: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day. Did I mention that the school magazine has Kwanzaa on the calendar, but not Chanukah?

I decided it is time to put up my December buddy icon on AIM:

Today on the front page of the DEN there is an article titled “Snow Could Adversely Affect Road Conditions.” Wow.

I am no longer concerned about my GPA for grad school. I did some research and found out that even though your GPA and GRE score weigh a lot on getting into grad school, so do reccommendations, personal statement, and interview. I know I still have a year before I start applying, but for my personal statement I will just tell the truth: I just want to get into my field of interest. The classes I take in undergrad have nothing to do with that (except Crisis Intervention next semester, which I will hopefully get a really good grade in, just to show them I will do better once I am in my field of interest). This does not mean I am going to completely blow off school and not care about my GPA, I’m just not worried. I also heard that the GRE is not hard, as long as you study for analogies (?). So yeah.

Sara Ramirez was on Ellen today and it made me happy. I love Sara Ramirez. It was funny because Ellen asked her where she is from and I was like “MEXICO THEN SAN DIEGO!!” and then she said the same thing. I think I have a problem lol.

You Are 40% Nerdy

You’re a little nerdy, but no one would ever call you a nerd.

You sometimes get into nerdy things, but only after they’ve become a part of mainstream culture.


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