Month: December 2006

“Chicago doesn’t have any losing [sports] teams, only teams that test their fans’ faith.” -Marni

Boy that senior pic I doctored up was so real…I told Christy I had a nose job after high school and showed her that picture and she believed me lol. I told her it was fake and she told me I’m odd. I tried to fix Maggie Gyllenhaal’s nose, but it’s so awful nothing could be done.

I went over to Tom’s house a few days ago. I dunno why, I just felt uncomfortable the whole time. I guess I have outgrown him. It’s okay.

The search for my new Jamba Juice drink has continued and ended. I tried the Tahiti Green Tea: green tea, mangos, lemonade, orange juice, orange sherbet, nonfat frozen yogurt, ice. It was alright, but I am not an orange fan and the orange was too overpowering. Were it not for that, I would have liked it. Then I tried the Razz’n Red Tea: red tea, raspberry juice blend, frozen strawberries, sorbet, nonfat frozen yogurt, soymilk, frozen raspberries, ice. I ignore the fact there is soymilk in it, but this is my new drink. I highly recommend it.

I figured out how to make pages on Wikipedia. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be and didn’t take enarly as long to make as I thought it would, but I made it harder and took longer than it should have by assuming it uses html. Eventually I figured out to click “Edit” on another article and copy and paste and plug and chug. It’s a lot easier than html, especially since I don’t know html. Anyway, Wikipedia is mean and they deleted the page I made. It was a birthday present for someone, so I feel bad. My goal is to also make a page for The H20 Project, but I need to figure out what to say, as there is not a lot of background information on the web site and it could get deleted if it’s too short. Those meanies. *shakes fist*

Christy and I were supposed to go to the Museum of Science and Industry today, but she had a fever. Even though everytime we plan to do this, something happens, I decided it’s for the best. I saw the movie “World Trade Center” last night and I think it would be a bad idea to go on the coal mine exhibit the day after watching that movie, especially when I have problems with that exhibit already.

I saw “We Are Marshall” tonight. It took me until about 20 minutes before the end of the movie to figure out that one of the guys was Sam from American Dreams.

New Years Resolutions:
•Don’t do drugs
•Don’t have sex
•Don’t rob any banks
•Don’t murder anybody
•Don’t eat pork

I think those are doable.



So I discovered the “liquify” feature in Photoshop. I thought it would be funny to take a picture from high school and make my nose really big to make it look like I have had a nose job since then. I did such a good job, I think I like the fake big nose better lol.


Sooo…it turns out nobody’s grade form Women’s Health went through the system. I got a B in the class, my GPA is above 2.0. I just have to call records and make sure everything is okay. Yay for being able to keep my financial aid!! But i certainly had a scare. Thank You, God!!

So, as it turns out, MTV Show Choir was supposed to be filmed at MHS and was going to follow Sound, Lights, and SoundFX. They interviewed 15 people, but the school said no to it. That is crazy

Trish has never had Frango Mints before, so I went against everything I believe in and went to Macy’s. I’m broke and just wanted a four pack, but all they have is the 1lb boxes, and only the original flavour (which is the best) and two limited edition ones. And they all say “Marshall Fields” on them, so they’re probably really old. So I went to the web site, thinking I could order the four pack. Nope, they only offer the 1lb boxes. Not even the 12 piece ones. And they don’t have all the flavours they used to have. Also there is no chocolate section in Macy’s, I actually had to hunt for them. That is ridiculous. If they still offered all of the Frango Mint selections Marshall Fields did, they would even get customers who hate Macy’s with a fiery passion. Macy’s is so stupid.

When I was about 9 or 10 they built a California Pizza Kitchen in Vernon Hills and my Dad dragged Marni and I to eat there, claiming it was going to be really good. I had the worst cheese pizza I have ever had in my entire life and decided I would never eat CPK again. It closed a couple months later, because other people obviously felt the same. We have a new neighbour who is a manager at the one downtown and I guess he borrowed our jumper cables and something else and gave us cards for two free entrees and soft drinks. Well since it’s FREE and I decided if I am going to move to California I shoudl get used to eating food that I consider weird, my Mom and I went to the one in Deer Park tonight. I did wind up ordering “pizza.” It was pear and gorgonzola with field greens and gorgonzola ranch dressing. I ignored the fact that they were trying to pass it off as pizza. It wasn’t very good. As a salad it would be, but the crust was awful and yeah it was just not good. But I ate two slices anyway. But yeah never again.

However California seems to be getting farther and farther away. For some reason Dr. Woods decided not to submit my grade (I had a B going into the final, so even if I failed the final I should have gotten a C at minimum), but they counted it as an F and it took my GPA below 2.0 and I lost all my financial aid. If I don’t have financial aid I can’t go to school. I can’t even go to CLC. Grrrr.

The good news is I went to the eye doctor today and for today and the next three days I use my eye drops twice a day, then once a day for a week after that and then I AM CLEARED THE WEAR MY CONTACTS!!!!!! I am only supposed to wear them for 6-8 hours at first, but still!! I am so happy, because I have not been able to wear them comfortable in over a year. And now I can wear my sunglasses when I drive if it is sunny out! YES!! ANDDDD I don’t have Glaucoma!!

There are a lot of movies coming out that I want to see. I wound up seeing Little Miss Sunshine the other day with my Dad, because it was $1 at Buffalo Grove. The other movies I want to see:
•The Pursuit of Happyness. Even the trailer for this movie made me cry. Plus I love Will Smith. It bothers me that they spelled “Happiness” wrong. I’m certain they did it on purpose, but it bothers me anyway.
•We are Marshall. I had no idea about this story before I saw the trailer.
•The Holiday. I might want to see this, but I’m not sure. I will probably wait until it comes out on video. I think it’s cool that you can actually swap houses with someone in another country.
•Night at the Museum. This was written by Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant (Reno 911!, Viva Variety, The State), but it doesn’t look very interesting, so I will probably rent it when it comes out on video.
•Children of Men. I want to know why nobody can get pregnant.
•Dreamgirls. I still haven’t decided whether or not I want to see this. I will probably wait until it comes out on video. I voted for Jennifer Hudson, and she is from Chicago, so I am glad to see her doing so well.

To: Messianic Persecutions
From: Me

Yeshua or Bat Mitzvah?
For reason I am not going to get into, my Mom, my younger sister, and I started attending a Reform Synagogue when I was in 5th grade. My Mother was very upfront with the Rabbi and told him we were Messianic when we first started attending. he told her that was fine and that my sister and I could still be Bat Mitzvahed. A year and a half later, I received my Bat Mitzvah date in the mail and was very excited. A few days later the Rabbi called me into his office. He told me that I wasn’t really Jewish, and, unless I decided that I didn’t believe in Jesus, I could not have a Bat Mitzvah. I walked out.

Uptight Birthright
A few months ago I registered to go on a 10 day free trip to Israel with Taglit-Brithright. I had spoken to someone who is Messianic and had gone on a trip with them. he said the application gives you choices for your denomination: Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Just Jewish, and Other. He told me to put “Just Jewish.” He said that is what he put and they never even questioned him. So that is what I put down for my answer. When I called for my phone interview they asked me why I put that down. I told them it is because I do not consider myself to be Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. They asked me to explain. I tried to get around it, but with everything I said they would ask me to explain. They backed me into a corner and I told them I am Messianic. They told me they do not allow Messianics to go on the trip. After that phone interview I found out about eight other Messianics having gone on Birthright. I decided to call them back and I got yelled at and was asked for names, which I did not give. I also read to them a question from their FAQ page, which says:
“Q. Who is eligible?
A. The Taglit-birthright israel gift is open to all Jewish young adults, ages 18 to 26, post high-school, who have not traveled to Israel before on a peer educational trip or study program nor have lived in Israel past the age of 12. The gift is open to all Jewish young adults regardless of religious affiliation, community involvement or financial wherewithal.”
That definitely describes me, and even though it says regardless of religious affiliation, I was not allowed to go. I also found out a girl that I went to high school with, who is half Jewish and considers herself to be Christian went on this trip. I told her what happened and she said she would ask her leaders if I could go, even though I told her not to waste her time. She asked them anyway and they told her I would not be allowed to go. They will let anyone go who was born Jewish and considers themselves Buddhist, Atheist, or even Christian, but if you are Messianic you may as well be a piece of dirt, because it is the same thing to them.

Shmooze Bruise
Earlier this evening I signed up for a profile on, which is basically MySpace for Jews. It only took them a couple hours to figure out I am Messianic. When they discovered that, they immediately blocked my profile. The only part of it you can see now is a brief description which they changed to say, “I am Messianic and this is a social web site for Jews, so I am out of place.” Now I cannot even log in to the site.

MTV Greenlights 8-Part Documentary ‘Show Choir’
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Monday, October 9, 2006; Posted: 4:52 PM – by BWW News Desk

“MTV Show Choir”–produced by Hairspray and The Boy from Oz star John Hill–has been greenlighted by the popular cable network.

The documentary show, which follows a real life choir from a West Virginia school, will air in spring 2007. The show was the brainchild of Hill, who developed it with World of Wonder before bringing it to MTV.

“‘MTV Show Choir,’ according to MTV press notes, “follows the Morgantown, West Virginia Show Choir, who perform songs in four part harmony, complete with elaborate costumes and choreography, throughout one competitive season. The choir is the pride of the town and has won local raves for their performances of Broadway show tunes. Unfortunately, when it comes to competition against other schools, they seem to always come in second. So this year, they’ve decided to switch things up a bit and perform modernized versions of current pop hits, something other show choirs have already been doing, complete with new hip choreography.”

“During the eight episodes of this half-hour series, the cameras follow the choir through this transformation and watch as they struggle to balance schoolwork, relationships and competition to hopefully become Show Choir champions.”

Dave Sirulnick, Amy Bailey and Lauren Lazin; and for World of Wonder, Fenton Baiely and Randy Barbato are the executive producers of “MTV Show Choir.” Todd Radnitz serves as co-executive producer.

Hill played Fender in Hairspray and Mark Herron in The Boy from Oz; he also understudied lead roles in those shows. The actor, who also appeared Off-Broadway in Bare, recently scored hits with his one-man shows “Whiskers on Kittens” and “Skinny Corpse.” He has performed at The Encore, Joe’s Pub, Makor, The Laugh Factory, the Lucille Lortel Theatre with Jackie Hoffman and Caroline’s. He has collaborated with Katherine Leonard and Lucian Piane on the internet music/comedy experiment, “JohnnyAndKooks.”

Visit for more on MTV.

Well I’ve had an eventful weekend.

Friday I took the sceneic route home from school…we’re not going to go there. I left super early so i coudl get home for candle lighting, only to find out my Mom had not even looked for the electric menorah and did not have the menorah out (as of today we still have not lit the candles…I don’t like fire, so I can’t do it). Anyway, I found the electric menorah, to find that we have only six working light bulbs out of the nine that I bought last year. What the crap?

Yesterday morning I got up early again, this time to go to shul. I went to Devar Emet and about two minutes into it felt like I was home. It was wonderful. I met my Facebook/MySpace friend, Aimee and she introduced me to the other college kids (there were about eight). I also recognised a couple adults that I knew when I was really little, and they remembered me because my Mom gave them all of my baby clothes and their daughter, who just had her Bat Mitzvah a few days ago (which was catered by Maggianos and the leftovers were used for oneg…mmm) wore them for years. I had no idea lol.

I made latkes last night and lived to tell about it. We also still have a kitche. AND they tasted wonderful.

Today I went over to my Dad’s house and he taught me how to make his spaghetti sauce, which is the best spaghetti sauce EVER, while we watched the Bears clinch home field advantage (albeit in overtime) for the playoffs. The sauce came out perfect.

Tonight there was a combined Chanukah party for all of the Messianic congregations in Chicagoland, which is 10 plus Jews for Jesus. Yesterday I had several people ask me if I was going, so I decided to make an appearance, and I dragged my Dad with me. He told me there were going to be eight people there. We get there and there is not one single parking spot left at the school it was at. We walk in and there were 200 people there, easy (we got there nearly an hour after it had started because my Dad did not want to get there on time). Anyway, just to show how God works, my Dad did not want to go to this, but I made him. About five seconds after we walk in we find out this is also a going away party for Melissa and Jhan Moskowitz (head of J4J in Chicago), because they are moving to New York tomorrow, apparently. Anyway, my Dad and Jhan were really close for 15+ years, but had a falling out when I was in middle school and have not spoken since. Anyway, they reconciled tonight. I got to see everyone I met yesterday, plus a bunch of people I have not seen since about 3rd grade, and I met some of my Facebook friends. It was a good time had by all.

Methinks I am going to go make some linguine and enjoy that pasta sauce.

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