Sometimes during my Human Sexuality class I really feel like I am in the middle of an episode of Loveline. It’s sad that I know more than do people who have actually had sex. I realise middle and high schools down here rip out the pages from the health books that have anything to do with sex, but still. You can learn a lot from trashy teen magazines and Loveline. Or just research on the internet. Especially if you are sexually active you should know these things. It’s not just in Human Sexuality, it’s in my other health classes too, although most of my health classes you have to have taken certain other health classes to get into and there is no prereq for Human Sexuality or Principles of Human Health, which I took last Fall. I think one of my favorite quotes, about sex, from someone I had a class with came from a girl in my Human Health class last year. We were talking about the female reproductive system and she said “Wait…if the clitoris is here, then where does it go during….?” If you can’t even say the word “sex” you should not be having it. I got a good laugh out of that one though, lemme tell you. But we heard a good one today from some genius in my Human Sexuality class. I know he was serious when he said this, because he always says stupid stuff like “Ship up or ship out” and “Why buy the cow when you can get the cow for free?” Anyway, we were talking about conception and pregnancy and what you tell your kdis when they ask where babies come from and this guy, not even kidding, says “Is there really such a thing as the stork?” I laughed so hard I actually had a tear come out of my left eye. Seriously, how can you be in college and ask that seriously? We also watched a very informative video today about what you should tell your kids about puberty, and were it not for the drawing of a male and the narrator saying “Here is your penis and here is your scrotal sac,” I probably would have spent the rest of my life being confused. And I’m sure the guys in my class would have been as well.

Can I just say that it really bothers me when people tell me my standards are too high when it comes to dating? I used to think that too, but it was because people kept telling me that. I KNOW that there is someone out there that meets ALL of my standards and then some, because God loves me and He wants what’s best for me. I know He won’t let me down. And I’m not going to ‘miss out’ because I am waiting. I would be more likely to ‘miss out’ if I am dating the wrong person, because if I am dating someone else I could miss the opportunity to be with the person I am meant to be with (although I do believe if you are meant to be with someone you will wind up with them no matter what). And if I don’t miss the opportunity to be with them it is because I leave the other person for them and that is not right. Either way toes get stepped on and feelings get hurt. I would rather wait 10 years for the right person than be with the wrong one for 10 days.

My suite has three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a living room. Each bedroom is meant for two people, unless you shell out $750 a semester to buy out your room, of which I do not have. Next semester we will have room for four new people: one in my room, two in the middle room, and one in Trish’s room. Today I went to find out who our new people will be for next semester. As of right now, there is only one spot filled up and it is the one in my room. Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be? They can’t even put her in the room in the middle. And we’re not allowed to have her live in the middle room unless she buys it out. The reason is because they want to leave it open in case someone who pays to have their own room wants to move they can stick them there. Completely understandable. HOWEVER, if they don’t have anyone in that room now, then just let the girl live there for the time being. Then all three of us would have our own rooms (although possibly temporary), and none of us would be paying for them. Then if they need to move someone there, Elizabeth can move into my room. It’s just ridiculous to make us share a room when there is one next to us that is COMPLETELY empty. On the other hand, I seem to be good at chasing roommates away. And this girl does not have a Facebook or MySpace, so we probably will not get along.

I haven’t really told anybody that I won’t be going to Campus House anymore, because I know how people will react. I told Jen and even though I specifically told her I am not falling away from God or faltering in my beliefs at all, she still thought that I was. I also told Melissa and she said she understood. Melissa will probably tell Josh. I made an appearance at the root beer kegger the other day and had a few people tell me they hadn’t seen me in a while. The only one that I really know that said that to me is Ben, so I will probably Facebook message him about it. If anybody else asks I will tell them, I just get annoyed because people assume and I don’t want people to think I am falling away from my beliefs because I 100% am not.

Christy will be moving to Washington DC in February. If her job pays well enough, she is going to fly me out to visit her over spring break. Also, the last couple days of spring break there is a UMJC 20s conference in Baltimore that I would not mind going to. If I wind up in DC I will probably go to that, since I will only be an hour away. Hopefully it works out!

They mentioned Facebook on The OC last week. It was great.

By the way, what is this Facebook toolbar that everyone is speaking of? I see nothing about it. Please splain.

They are making two Pee Wee Herman movies. The first will be for kids, the second will be for adults. There will be no Captain Carl.

Barack Obama was on Jay Leno a few days ago (incidently the same night our internet went out and I had nothing else to do, but I was planning on watching it anyway because my Dad had told me about it). Jay Leno mentioned that, in his book, Barack Obama had admitted to smoking pot. In mocking Bill Clinton, Jay Leno asked Barack Obama if he inhaled. Barack Obama said “I think that was the point.” (FYI: I don’t condone smoking pot, but it was still funny). I like Barack Obama. And this shirt is cool:


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  1. lol where can i get that shirt?maybe he thought the stork wasn’t a real type of bird? like a unicorn or something.and i’ll be writing a response to the first part of your post (at my apt. we keep the toilet seat down).

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