Month: January 2007

Too cold. Time to hibernate.

I just got back from class. It is 11 degrees outside, windchill is -17 degrees. My children are going to be visiting their grandparents over their winter breaks every year until they are old enough to realise they don’t like cold weather. How much longer til I can move to California???


Okay everybody watch the Miss America pageant tonight (Monday) at 7:00pm central on CMT, because my neighbour from home, Heidi Eckstrom, is Miss Illinois.

Picture 2

So I woke up before I wanted to, because I heard Trish come in. Definitely expecting to be in a bad mood all day, just because of this morning. And it definitely took at least an hour for me to fall back asleep. So I get up and was proven wrong. My day has been made hehe. So all of the actors on Reno 911! got MySpaces for their characters to promote the upcoming movie. It’s pretty cool, because they all make blog entries, totally in character and it’s amazing. So I leave a comment for Jonesy saying, “single, huh? question, how young is too young for you?” The man has over 11,000 friends on his Jonesy page and over 2,000 friends on his personal MySpace, plus he has a life. So I am expecting not to hear back from him. I just don’t see how he would have time. WRONG! I check my MySpace to a comment from him that says:
“so your legal and jewish? sounds good to me. let’s go!


Haha YES. Grammar error aside, day has been made. I made sure to add that I used to work a security job haha.

Went on Girls’ Retreat on Friday and yesterday. Some of us spent a couple hours playing “The Statue Game” on Friday night (see pictures below). I must have done a lot of positions where I was somewhow stretching my stomach, because the muscles in my stomach are so sore.

StatueGame StatueGame2

There are a ton more pictures on Facebook.

I had a lot of people excited to see me, which I didn’t expect. Sarah (Thomas) told me I should come wtahc Idol with them again. I never asked, because I feel weird going there after not going to bible study. But apparently I am welcome. She also wants me to see their new cat lol. This means I don’t watch American Idol or The Office when they are on, which frees up some time. Also, I will probably wind up being addicted to “Heroes,” since she told me they watch that now. I was planning on watching that show when it started, but I forgot about it and just didn’t pick it up.

Danah was the speaker. The theme for the weekend was singleness, flirting, dating, breaking up, and ‘maybe marriage.’ I’ve heard people say that if you get involved with someone who’s already in a relationship and you don’t know about it, you’re still at fault, so I asked Danah what she thought. I kind of felt stupid asking that. She said to break it off as soon as you find out, which made me feel worse. I’m not stupid. I didn’t find out until after the fact and it’s not my fault I was lied to. Most of what she said was interesting, but there were two things I don’t agree with. She said you CHOOSE who you fall in love with. I don’t agree with that at all. I don’t understand how you can CHOOSE it. It’s not true. If that were true, you could also choose who NOT to be in love with. it doesn’t work like that. The other thing is, everytime I have gone on a retreat with Campus House and the speaker has talked about dating, there is one thing they are all in agreeance on and that is that there are several people out there for you to potentially marry, and not just one. It may be because I have grown up on Boy Meets World, but I think that is BS. Unless your spouse dies, there is only ONE person that you can marry and you wind up with that person no matter what happens. You can’t get away from it, because it is meant to be and God will bring that person into your life and they won’t leave until death. I believe very strongly in Bashert. Regardless of who is right, thinking there is more than one person for you is not a good frame of mind to be in when you get married, because if you think there are several other people out there, your marriage is not as special to you. I think that’s why people are so quick to get divorces, because they believe there are other people for them, so why spend all that time and effort trying to fix a marriage you’re in when you can just go find someone else? It’s ridiculous.

I heard, via that Mr. Carroll is bringing two of his groups to the Invitational this year.

American Idol Rewind is really interesting to watch when you know the outcome. Kelly Clarkson almost didn’t make it to the top 30, because Simon didn’t think she was good enough. Also, I really do not like Justin Guarini. There’s just something about him…he tries too hard. And he gives off weird vibes. And I don’t think his voice is anything to write home about either. I just don’t like him.

I’m going to try to go back to sleep.

I’m sorry but can I have ONE night of good sleep?

We don’t have a lot of rules in our suite. One of our few rules is that the door to the suite is locked every night. I’m the last to go to bed and I am very diligent about doing that. Especially this weekend, because Trish and Elizabeth are both gone. I definitely locked it last night. So imagine my shock and having the ever living daylights scared out of me when I am awaken at freaking 7:30AM to A MAN’S VOICE COMING FROM INSIDE OF THE SUITE. It turns out Elizabeth left her alarm set…FULL VOLUME. So I get up to go into her room and turn it off. HER ROOM IS FREAKING LOCKED. I had to go all the way downstairs to look at the list of who was on duty so I can call an RA on duty. I wait 15 minutes for the RA to come downstairs to get a key. She can’t find the key to unlock the office and after five minutes decides to call another RA to ask. She gets the office open, gets the key, we come upstairs. She can’t unlock the door. She goes back downstairs to se if other keys will work and comes back five minutes later with another RA and more keys. They have trouble unlocking the door, but finally get it. Then they can’t figure out how to turn off the radio without having it go off again in a few minutes, so they have to unplug it. They can’t find the plug, because she has so much stuff in front of the cord. Probably one of the least fun things that has ever happened to me. They finally get out of here around 8:05AM and I’m certain I won’t be able to fall right back asleep. I haven’t had a lot of sleep in the past few days and my eye is all red and hurty. Every time I think I am going to get to sleep through the night with no interruptions I am proven wrong. I JUST WANT TO SLEEP, IS THAT REALLY SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?!?!

I am so ready to be done with school. I don’t think I can take 3.5-4.5 more years of this. This summer I have an eight hour internship (which I haven’t even bothered to look for, even though I got an e-mail yesterday that said plans should be close to being finalized…crap), plus probably three online credit hours to make up for my social psych failure (fortunately at Eastern, if you fail a class and retake it, the failing grade disappears from your GPA and your transcripts), then in the Fall I have to take 18 hours, and in the spring 18 hours, unless, by some miracle of God, I get into CSUSB, in which case I can stick with 15 in the Fall, since they are on quarters, which sounds like it’s a lot better than semesters. Then 2-3 years of grad school. I think I should take a year off in between undergrad and grad and just move to some random place in California and get a job. Then I can establish citizenship and pay in state tuition, plus it’s a year off. The problem is, I feel like if I take time off, I’ll never go back. However, I’m so burned out now, is it really better to keep going when I don’t even have motivation now? I mean it’s only three weeks into the semester and I have already missed several classes and missed a paper due today. Gah I suck at this school thing. Remember when girls weren’t allowed to go to school? Why couldn’t I have lived back then?

I believe in You completely
Though I may be dreamin sweetly
And if You’re there
And if You know
Then show me which way I should go

Lacking fins or tail
the gefilte fish swims with
great difficulty. -Jewish haiku

This week has been a real eye opener for me, as far as being spoiled from growing up so close to a big city goes. I’m still used to having everything I need available to me within about 15 minutes of where I live. Here, I probably have to travel two hours to St. Louis. Not gonna happen.
•Example one: Trish was really sick with the influenza this week. She asked me to go to Wal Mart to get her some popsicles, because she couldn’t keep anything down. I go and there are maybe 10 different selections, at the most and most of them are the artificial flavoured ones. I can’t get her anything strawberry, because she is allergic, so that limits it even more.
•Example two: when I was at Wal Mart I left my gloves in the car, because it was too warm for them. Somehow one of them walked away, or was possibly eaten by the other one. They were really nice chenille gloves. Trish had two pair of gloves, so she let me have one, but they’re the really cheap kind. I went to the JC Penney in Mattoon and the only gloves they have come with scarves or are isotoner gloves. So I am desperate and go to Wal Mart in Mattoon. All they have is the cheap kind. I go to Wal Mart in Charleston…same thing. I may have my Mom find me a pair and send them to me. However, this is, hopefully, my second to last Illinois winter, so is it really worth it to spend money on a nice pair of gloves?
•Example three: sick? Need chicken soup. Go to Wal Mart to buy ingredients for chicken soup. None of the vegetables are individual; they only come in packages. Have to spend extra money on a package of carrots, a package of celery, and a package of parsnips. Buying the chicken was even more fun. To make chicken soup in a four quart crock pot you need a 4-5lb whole chicken, cut up. Trish has a two quart crock pot. Wal Mart only has 4.5lb whole cut up chicken. My Mom says we can use anything on a bone. We wind up having to get 1.5lbs of wings, but this is not enough chicken. The only thing they have less than 1.5lbs of is boneless, skinless chicken breasts. My Mom says to only use something with bones. I ask if it’s okay to use the boneless breasts, because chicken without the bone is better than no chicken at all. She tells me to go to a REAL grocery store. I tell her if there was a REAL grocery store in Charleston I would not be at Wal Mart. She tells me to go to Mattoon. I explain to her Mattoon is basically Charleston, but bigger. She doesn’t get it.
I may be spoiled, but I’m really glad I was not raised here, or anywhere south of I-80, as Charleston is considered a “big town.” It’s really frustrating to not be able to get what you need. On the upside, Elizabeth found Manischewitz blackbery wine at the Wal Mart in Mattoon and bought a bottle for me. This is trouble lol. I’m shocked that they would have anything Manischewitz in Mattoon.

Gas here is down to $1.93. It is down to $1.81 in Champaign. Gas prices usually go down when it is colder, so I am surprised they are so low, since it is still pretty warm out. is claiming it’s 20 degrees outside and feels like 19, however, I was just outside (after bowling an 81…which beats my 37 on Tuesday lol) and it was definitely around 40 degrees.

I entered a contest on MySpace to win a walk on role on Reno 911! If you know me at all you would know how much I would freaking love that, especially since it would be right around my birthday. The deal is, you add The Reno Sherriff’s Department to your top 8 and you post the “Deputy in Training Badge” on your profile. Then you submit your profile to be ranked and whoever has the highest ranking wins the walk on role. I wanted to tell everyone to vote for me, but my profile has yet to show up in the ranking. Or else it has and I just can’t find it, which I am hoping is the case. I also had to make my profile public and I have to leave it like that until February 23, when the movie comes out, but I can’t see it, unless I want to drive to Champaign. Boo! So I am just going to leave my profile and hope it’s in the ranking. Oh man, that would be so amazing if I could win.

So I have an admirer. I know him in person, he’s not creepy, or a jerk, he’s my age, and he’s Messianic. I’m not at all interested, but I’m getting closer haha. He hasn’t told me he likes me, but he made it very obvious. I told Aimee and she told me he has asked her out, as well as Beth. Wonderful. I don’t want to deal with this. Thankfully we are both at school…far away from each other, so I doubt he will ask me out. He’s a nice guy, we just don’t really have anything to talk about.

I have a really great idea for a video, but I don’t think I can do it. Oh well.

I’m really confused by “Grease: You’re the One That I Want.” The songs from Grease they are showcasing (You’re the One That I Want, Sandy, Hopelessly Devoted to You) are the ones that were written specifically for the movie. That, plus the fact that they are making the pospective Sandies do so much dancing, leads me to wonder if it is going to be a hybrid of the stage show and the movie. They may as well, since this will be the second revival, and the last one only ran for four years. If it’s more like the movie, it is more likely to draw a crowd. The downside is I would really like to see it, in that case, and by the time it gets to Broadway in Chicago, I will be living in California, God willing. Also, if they are making a hybrid of the stage show and the movie, which songs are the going to keep and which are they going to leave in? They are obviously going to take out All Choked Up and replace it with You’re the One that I Want, which I think is a good choice, as well as Alone at a Drive in Movie with Sandy, also a good choice. I am a big fan of Mooning and Freddy My Love, but can do without some of the others. However, if you pay close attention to the movie, when Sandy plays a song on the jukebox, it’s It’s Raining on Prom Night, at the dance they play Rock and Roll Party Queen, Those Magic Changes, and an instrumental version of Alone at a Drive in Movie. Also at the beginning of the movie they play a recording of the School Song. When the T-Birds come to the sleepover, they are singing part of Parody of The School Song, and at the bonfire the marching band plays the Rydell Fight Song. I highly doubt there is room for all of this in the stage show. Just an observation.

Your Slanguage Profile

Aussie Slang: 100%

Canadian Slang: 50%

New England Slang: 50%

Prison Slang: 50%

Southern Slang: 25%

British Slang: 0%

Okay, for the two people from California who pointed out that gas is way more expensive there than here, can I just say one thing? Step outside right now. Then fly here and step outside. I think it evens out. Ask me again in two years, my answer will be different, but for now, this is how it is.

“Our child will have a brisk.” -Girl from MtV’s True Life: I’m in an interfaith relationship. She obviously doesn’t have a clue lol.

Jami: …and I was mad because they said there would be free food and the only kind of pizza they had was pepperoni.
Christy: Can you not eat pepperoni?
Jami: If you don’t know this by now, we can’t be friends anymore.
Christy: I don’t remember these things!!
Jami: Christy, which animal does pepperoni come from?
Christy: I don’t know, I just recently learned that it was a meat; I used to think it was an herb!!
Jami: An herb???
Christy: I’m not dumb, I just don’t care to know information.
Jami: Wow…
Christy: My thing is I like meat, but I don’t know which animal it comes from.
Jami: So you don’t know where anything you eat comes from?
Christy: I know where fish comes from, I know where chicken comes from, and I know where turkey comes from.
Jami: Do you know where turkey bacon comes from?
Christy: No, but I don’t eat turkey bacon.

Trish: You’re taking out our trash???
Danny: I’m Mexican.

So a few days ago I was walking to my human phys class in the Life Science Building. As soon as I cross 4th street I can feel someone directly behind me in my bubble. This is extremely creepy to me. Unless we are close friends, please do not ever EVER pop my bubble. If it weren’t freezing outside, I would have turned around and said something to this person, but I wanted to get inside as quickly as I possible could. Plus, I kept thinking there is no way this person is going to stay in my bubble. They are either going to slow down, turn a different direction, or speed up and pass me. WRONG! At one point I had moved over and they were so close to me I could feel my elbow graze their coat. So very creepy. This person stayed in my bubble the ENTIRE walk to the Life Science Building. As I was entering the building I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was wearing a Packers coat. Figures. They don’t know how to drive, why would they know how to walk?

All joking aside, in regards to the Beas/Saints game this weekend: Regardless of whether or not the Saints have a really good offense or are capable of beating the Bears (this I don’t know, since I have never watched them), I do not foresee the Saints winning. The last time I checked it is supposed to be 12 degrees with windchill at Soldier Field by the time they play on Sunday. New Orleans has an average low of 45 degrees. So the big question is…can the Saints play well in such cold weather? (And, of course I want the Bears to win). It reminds me of this…

Chicago Temperature Conversion Chart:
60 above:
Floridians wear coats and gloves. Chicago people sunbathe.
20 above:
Californians shiver uncontrollably. Chicagoans have cookouts.
0 degrees:
Californians go to Mexico. Chicagoans lick the flagpole.
-40 below:
Hollywood disintegrates. Chicago Girl Scouts sell cookies door to door.
-100 below:
Santa abandons the North Pole. Chicagoans get pissed because the keg won’t thaw.
-297 below:
Microbial life survives on dairy products. Illinois cows complain of farmers with cold hands.
-460 below:
All atomic motion stops. Chicagoans say, “Cold nuff for ya?”
-500 below:
Hell freezes over. Da Bears win the Superbowl!

Bowling class. We have bowled three times thus far. The first game I set a goal of 60 and bowled a 59. The second game my goal was to beat the 59. A.J. gave me some pointers that were supposedly going to help me. After not scoring until the 4th frame I gave up on beating the 59. However, I wound up with one spare and two strikes and ended up with a 90. Both of my strikes were consecutive. I have gotten two consecutive strikes several times before, but it was in softball haha. Yesterday I really hurt my wrist during warm up and wound up with a 74, which is not bad for someone with an injured wrist. Fortunately I have had injured wrists enough times that I know how to fix it (temporarily at least).

I had a job interview at A.J.’s Restaurant and Bar, but they have so many interviews, I doubt I will hear back from them. Aside from this job interview I have had interviews at seven places and six of them hired me on the spot and the other did not hire me at all. This is why I think I will not hear back from them.

Wal mart doubled their prices. It is ridiculous. Trish and I decided we are only going to shop at Aldi now, unless it is an emergency.

I noticed that both my Human Sexuality teacher from last semester and my Psychology of Gender teacher from this semester do not wear wedding rings. Just an observation…

Elizabeth and I watched “Supersize Me” the other day and I have wanted a Big Mac ever since, but I have no money. Boo!

I think this is the last season I will be watching American Idol. It’s ridiculous. There is no reason we should be watching the same person for 10-15 minutes and pretty much everyone they show is awful. Why not show the ones who are good?

I went to the open house for Psychology Club yesterday. It turned out it was a meeting and not an open hours, so I missed The Office grrr. Also the advisor was my Social psych teacher last semester…the one whose class I failed…oops. Anyway, I am officially a member, since I paid my membership fee. I am very excited for our shirts. The front says “EIU Psychology Club 2007” and the back says “we’re not really that cool….PSYCH!” Haha.

How come all of the links on MySpace are red all of a sudden? My eyes do not like it.

As a Mac user, I feel obligated to comment on the iPhone. Am I a Mac user? Yes. Do I have a plan with Cingular? Yes. Is my contract going to expire right as the iPhone coming out, making me eligible for a new phone? Yes. Is $500 a reasonable price for a phone? No. Would I still feel that way if we could afford it? Maybe not. Right now the only reason I would want this phone is because it has maps on it and I get lost so often. The problem is I can’t read maps. I want a phone that can make and receive calls, store phone numbers, and have a cool ringtone. That’s all a phone needs on it. Basically, I don’t need this phone and I will be able to live without it. Unless someone wants to get me a very early Chanukah present.