Happy New Year!

“God is not an Indian giver.” -I won’t say who said this, but it was definitely said during a sermon.

Yeasterday I was FINALLY able to find jeans that fit. Unfortunately I had to get them form a store I will never admit to shopping at (I was that desperate) and they freaking cost $41. They’re also darker than I like, but at this point, beggers can’t be choosers. The good news is I was able to find the 1/3lb boxes of Frango Mints…not a four pack, but still better than 1lb. Also, I got two wireless bras for a total of $11.91 at JC Penney (any boys reading this, usually if you can get ONE bra for $30, that is a good deal).

I found out on Saturday morning that there was going to be a Messianic college and 20s New Year’s party last night. They invited 90 people, but since they just decided to do this a few days ago, there were only 20-30 people all night (some came and went). We had the Bears game on…let us never mention this game again as long as we live. Jessie Moskowitz was there, I haven’t talked to her since 3rd grade. Based on what Ari has told me about her I didn’t think I would like her. Long story short, I should stop assuming that because someone is friends with him I won’t like them, cuz I have been proving wrong twice now. Guess not ALL of his friends are hoodlums heh. They had a showchoir cheesecake last night. I knew I shouldn’t have had any. Flashback to me eating two pieces senior year of high school and spending my entire lunch period on the floor of the band room because I was dying.

“Gentiles leave without saying goodbye, Jews say goodbye and never leave.” I started saying at 1:30am that I was going to leave soon. An hour later we drove over to Devar Emet, and I left by 3:30am, after a conversation about how Jews spend forever saying goodbye. Apparently I’m a JAP (says Rabbi Kirk), because I would rather sleep in my water bed than on a pew in the synagogue lol.

Noam (associate leader of Devar/in charge of youth programs) is on the 20s planning committee for the UMJC conference next summer and he asked me to help plan activities and such, since it is at the Lincolnshire Marriott and I know the area so well. He suggested renting out the movie theatre, or playing water basketball in the pool. My big suggestion right now is Whirlyball. This is probably the best idea, because one) Whirlyball is probably the collest thing ever, and two) they also have laser tag, a climbing wall, video games, air hockey, fooseball, pool, and food, and is about 10 minutes away from the hotel.

Anyway, it’s so nice to be around other Jews, especially Messianic ones!


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