Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool…

Meredith Grey: Did you know Katie competes in beauty pageants?
Dr. Shepherd: Yes, but we still need to save her life.

Because part of my Dad’s job is going to health food stores, he gets a lot of free samples of things. A while ago he got a couple tubes of Naked Juice lip balm. Naked Juice is gross (even the juices that DON’T have broccoli in them), but the lip balm is freaking AMAZING. Unfortunately, I only had two tubes and the second one is nearly used up and I have been saving it in case of emergency. Example: last week my bottom lip was like completely falling apart. I have chapstick brand that i was using like every five minutes and it did nothing. This went on for a couple days, I finally gave in and used the Naked Juice and within five minutes my lip was fine. As I said, amazing. Anyway, they don’t sell the lip balm, because it’s a promotional item. Poop. I decided to Google it anyway. Turns out some guy on eBay has 13 packages of 12 sealed Berry blast Naked Juice lip balm, for $12 each, including shipping. Not my first choice for flavour, but it’s better than nothing, and certainly better than cherry! So my Mom bought it for me as a belated Chanukah gift. Yay!!! My lips will never be chapped again !

The drive to Shul, on Saturday, was interesting. For two reasons. 1) I was listening to Wicked. I am about to stop at a red light during “No One Mourns the Wicked.” I am listeing to Wicked so I could care less about any red light or anything, the only reason I noticed this is because it was funny. Anyway, during the line “the baby is unnaturally GREEN” as soon as they sing “GREEN” the light changes to green. It was great. 2) I am always amused by my stupidity/spaciness. Before last week I had not worn my contacts in nearly six months, which also means I had not worn my sunglasses in nearly six months. It was a very sunny Saturday morn, so I put on my sunglasses as I was driving. A few minutes later I thought to myself, “It’s awfully dark outside, perhaps I should put on my headlights.” So I put on my headlights. It took me several minutes to realise it was so dark, because I had my sunglasses on.

Melissa came with on Saturday. Kirk told her we only sacrifice animals twice a month haha. I wanted her to come, because she was concerned when I said I would no longer be coming to church and she can be the ambassador and let everyone else know I’m okay . And Josh had told her she needed to wear her menorah…

Last month, at school, I had a fever and was too sick to go to Wal Mart to get a couple things I needed, so Josh went for me and said to bake him cookies instead of reimbursing him. I asked him what kind of cookies he wanted and he asked if there are any Jewish cookies. So I made him Mandel bread a few days ago and brought it to school with me. I must say it came out extremely well. This cooking thing is not as hard as I had thought, as long as you follow the recipe. I can now make:
•grilled cheese
•banana cake
•chicken soup
•my Dad’s better than amazing spaghetti sauce
•scrambled eggs
•noodle kugel
•mandel bread
•broccoli cavadeal (sp?) (pasta shells, broccoli, garlic, salt, mozzarella cheese…mmmm, delish)
•TV dinners, frozen pizzas, etc
Bring on the husband! J/k

Scott was at U of I this weekend, so I had to drive back to school by myself. It was actually nice, I got to listen to Wicked haha. No scenic route this time, just straight through. When I’m with someone else I rely on them to tell me where to go, this was I was forced to do it on my own. I managed to make it to school in less than four hours. I’ll be honest, I did speed a little bit, because I left later than I wanted to and I wanted to have everything upstairs in time to watch the premiere of “Grease: You’re the One That I Want.” Although I only did it, because I figured out how not to get caught. I know the cops like to hide behind the overpasses, so I had it on cruise control about 80mph and when I would come to an overpass I would slow down and once I saw there was no cop I would hit the resume button. The people behind me were getting pissed off, but I can laugh at them when they get pulled over and I don’t.

You’re the One That I Want is a good show. I don’t like David Ian, however, because he is trying to be Simon Cowell. He even says, “Off you go” to tell the person to start singing. Ain’t nothin like the real thing, baby. heart Simon Cowell. Also, Shellie, Rikki Lee was not on, thank God. Although they still have one more audition city, but it’s NYC, so I doubt he’ll be there…they already showed Chicago.

Elizabeth has moved in. Trish and I both really like her. I like her even better now that she has decided to buy out the middle room and I have my own room, for the time being at least. I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t let her live there for free and I feel bad she had to pay so much money, but she said she was already thinking of doing it.

I plan on being sick a lot this semester, since it’s winter outside and the inside of all the buildings feels like a sauna. Actually, except Lantz, because they, very fortunately, fixed the ventilation system when they did construction last semester. My physiology teacher knows how it is…she gives 1/4 extra credit point everytime you show up to class, and you have up to seven absences to keep that. You have up to nine absences before your grade drops. My math teacher had trouble pronouncing my last name. Ummm is it really that hard to pronounce? No, it’s really not. My birthday is on a Saturday, so I decided I am going to take off the day before and give myself a three day weekend…actually the only class I have on Thursdays is bowling, so let’s make it a FOUR day weekend hehe. I think I deserve it. The Reno 911! movie comes out the day before my birthday, but I checked and the closest it will be to here is at least 45 minutes away. Poop.

I just realised today that I missed Clay Aiken on Days of Our Lives on December 26. I don’t like soap operas, but I wanted to see that. Oh well.

Right after I got back to school on Sunday night I was informed that we no longer have ABC. We had a floor meeting tonight and the first thing Stacy talked about was ABC lol. She said we’re getting a new ABC sometime within the next week. Thank God…the entire campus was in pandemonium.

Today I heard about an open house for Psychology Club. They help you with grad school stuff, so I guess I need to check that out. I may be giving up American Idol for it, because it meets on Tuesday nights…dangit. But they have free food at the open house hehe.

I was looking at the list of student organizations here to see if the Psychology Club has a web site (they do not) and saw this:


That’s gross.


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