I am so ready to be done with school. I don’t think I can take 3.5-4.5 more years of this. This summer I have an eight hour internship (which I haven’t even bothered to look for, even though I got an e-mail yesterday that said plans should be close to being finalized…crap), plus probably three online credit hours to make up for my social psych failure (fortunately at Eastern, if you fail a class and retake it, the failing grade disappears from your GPA and your transcripts), then in the Fall I have to take 18 hours, and in the spring 18 hours, unless, by some miracle of God, I get into CSUSB, in which case I can stick with 15 in the Fall, since they are on quarters, which sounds like it’s a lot better than semesters. Then 2-3 years of grad school. I think I should take a year off in between undergrad and grad and just move to some random place in California and get a job. Then I can establish citizenship and pay in state tuition, plus it’s a year off. The problem is, I feel like if I take time off, I’ll never go back. However, I’m so burned out now, is it really better to keep going when I don’t even have motivation now? I mean it’s only three weeks into the semester and I have already missed several classes and missed a paper due today. Gah I suck at this school thing. Remember when girls weren’t allowed to go to school? Why couldn’t I have lived back then?

I believe in You completely
Though I may be dreamin sweetly
And if You’re there
And if You know
Then show me which way I should go


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