Trish: Are you hungry?
Elizabeth: Yeah.
Kid on “Full House” (we had the TV on): Me too. Maybe we can eat together.

I have a new pet peeve. People who think Lou Malnati’s is called “Luminati’s.” I have heard three people refer to it as such, and two of them are from Chicago. For shame, people, for shame.

You’re the One That I Want is getting annoying. I can only take so much of this American Idol type stuff and this show certainly does not have their act together like Idol does. Granted, this show will only be on for six or seven mroe weeks and we will never have to watch it again. The contestants are just arright, and the judges and hosts have the personalities of wet mops. The only thing I like better is that with Grease, you can vote online. I think Idol should do that. I voted for Max Crumm, who was amazing, save the popped collar. I also voted for Allie what’s her face, because she has the innocence that you need to play Sandy, but she also has the edge you need for Sandy. I think Ashley Spencer is going to win though.

So it turns out my admirer doesn’t actually like me, that I was “reading into it too much”…or so he claims. But I don’t believe that and I have talked to other people and told them what he said and they don’t believe it either.

My Human Physiology teacher is interesting. Aside from her talking about the withdrawal method as an acceptable form of birth control listed on the Planned Parenthood web site and she said “Don’t laugh, because I know every single one of you have used it!” What the crap?
1. I am not that stupid
2. I have never had sex before EVER
3. I am not that stupid
4. I am not that stupid

She also told the class you can only get pregnant within three days of ovulation. Not true. Aside from those two things, she’s pretty funny. Someone’s phone went off in lab the other day. She gets really made when, during lecture, in a class of 60 or so, people in the back row are talking to each other. So when the phone went off and she looked over in that direction, I expected her to get mad and yell at the person. Instead, she started dancing. Here are some quotes from her:

“The reason menstruation is so painful is because the hormone involved in contracting the uterus during childbirth is also used during menstruation to help get the tissue out. Plus the hormones alone are enough to make some girls act like a hairraising b*tch.”

“The female condom hangs out of the vagina…which I’m sure is very attractive.”

“I have a cast of an IUD, which is on permanent loan from my doctor’s office. They don’t know I have it, but it’s for education. They had a lot of them, so I didn’t think they would miss it.”

“I’m not going to pass the Nuva Ring around, because it releases estrogen, and if you touch it, you can actually absorb the estrogen into your body. My body doesn’t produce estrogen anymore, so it’s okay for me to touch it.”

Can you tell what we’ve been studying? Lol. Speaking of which, my Dad just got new insurance from his work and I thought his previous insurance was crap. I really enjoyed the $45 co-pay on my birth control pills the other day. Especially since the last tiem I checked they were only $35 total!

Wow, taking a test in Crisis Intervention the other day, she wants us to write on her stupid yellow legal pad paper, so I get up in the middle of the test to get more and she starts talking to me about how I should see Freedom Writers and about the Holocaust museum in Terre Haute (WHY?!) and why there are no jewish students at Eastern…for like 15 minutes (this is a 50 minutes class)…while I’m taking a test. So I didn’t finish on time and had to go in yesterday to finish.

I’m super excited for our Psychology Club shirts now, because he said we are allowed to pick any colour of shirt and letters that we want. How awesome is that?!

I hate having a public profile on MySpace. I have already gotten at least 10-15 add requests from random people and messages from creepy guys and I can’t wait until I can put it back to private on February 23. Also, Elizabeth wants to go see the Reno movie so we are going up to Champaign to see it, probably on opening night, I hope. February 23 is already better than February 24. Also, I am thinking of (temporarily) removing my birthday from Facebook. Birthday reminders on Facebook are bad, because it’s giving you an excuse to not remember the birthdays of those you care about, because Facebook is going to remind you two days in advance. Also, I know that nobody remembers my birthday, it’s always been like that. And I think I would rather have nobody remember my birthday than to have 40 wall posts from random people, who don’t really care that much about me, wishing me a happy birthday. But I haven’t decided yet. And, just for the record, I too am guilty of relying on Facebook to remind me of birthdays.

I don’t like this not having heat thing. At least that’s what it feels like. We have a thing in our living room, that is currently set on 76 degrees, but it’s always freezing in our rooms. It seems like the warmer we try to make it, the colder it gets in here. It’s like they can tell when we’re trying to turn up the heat “Plot thwarted. You will freeze like the rest of us! Muahahahaha.” Boo! Barack Obama will ban cold weather.

People who think Barack Obama is a terrorist are stupid. Even if I’m friends with them, they’re still stupid. There is a thread on one of the Messianic forums on MySpace about Messianic girls being cuter than everyone else and it somehow turned into “Barack Obama is a terrorist.” Barack Obama is NOT a terrorist. It is NOT his fault that his family is Muslim and made him attend a Muslim school when he was like six. He is a Christian. He did NOT convert to Christianity just so people would vote for him. I made a really good point about how most of the people in that MySpace group are presently a different religion than they were raised and a lot of their families and friends do not approve of it, but they all just ignored it, because they’re stupid.

Don’t eat the new Reese’s Crunch Bar, or whatever it’s called. It’s not very good.

Went over to Matthew’s tonight to watch American Idol, etc. When I got there they were watching world championship arm wrestling. Apparently they used to watch “Lost” too, but now there is no more ABC off campus. The last thing I need is another show to be addicted to. I already am now going to be watching Heroes because they watch it there. That guy on Idol tonight that looks like the Empire Carpet Man totally made me cry. I hope this is the only time that show ever makes me cry. I also got to see the episode of The Office that I missed. My Dad called me tonight and told me he started watching American Idol two weeks ago because nothing else was on and now he is hooked on it haha.

What Your Dreams Mean…

Your dreams seem to show that you’re a very well adjusted and happy person.

Overall, you are very content in your life.

You tend to be a very productive thinker.

Your dreams indicate that you have very conflicted feelings.

You have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind.


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