Wow, Ben Franklin, you’re kind of a sleazebag

So…as much as I hate Indiana and everything about it…I read Tony Dungy’s bio and decided he deserved to win the Superbowl more than anyone else. And I don’t care what anybody says, Wikipedia is a wonderful source of information.

Elizabeth and I went to see an apartment yesterday, which we applied for, because it is amazing. And by amazing, I mean amazing. It’s 2 bed 1 bath $295/mo per person, this inclused all utilities except electricity, which woiuld be $15-25/mo per person. And when I say all utilities I mean ALL UTILITIES: water, trash, cable, DSL. it’s fully furnished, with leather furniture in the living room, and each bedroom comes with a twin bed (I’m not sure if fully furnished usually includes a bed or not). The apartments were just remodeled four years ago and look brand new. It’s about four blocks from Lantz, which would SUCK in the winter, but I guess it’s worth it. I can’t eat the dorm food anymore. Hopefully we get it. I’d rather live off campus, but the downside to living off campus is that there is no way I would be able to go to San Bernardino next year, because it’s a 10 month lease. We’ll see what happens.

I FINALLY started looking for an internship a few days ago. I’ve been having all kinds of bad luck with that. Today I finally got a call back from someone with some real information, that will help and it looks like I will be doing my internship in Kenosha, but it’s not official yet. From the way the guy was talking it seems like it will be though. As much as I don’t like Wisconsin, and it’s a little farther than I wanted to drive, but oh well. I’d be working with troubled adolescents, instead of doing grunt work, so that is wonderful. Hopefully this works out. I was beginning to think I was going to have to change my major and take an extra two years to finish school and NEVER get to California. But now all is well…I think. And Kate might be moving with me?

It’s still far in advance, but I was thinking about grad schools. I have nine schools on my list. I believe it’s at least $55 to apply to each. There is no way I would be able to or want to spend $500 on applying to schools. So I should only apply to a few, so I need to decide which ones. And, since I always need to have a plan, no matter how far in advance it is, even if it changes or doesn’t work out. Here is my list. My GPA will be higher than it is now by the time I apply. Suggestions welcome. I’ll probably never use those two words next to each other again.

In order from first choice to last choice (and I want to stay away form schools that require a thesis paper or project:

1) •Santa Clara University in Santa Clara. 3.0 GPA required. No thesis or project required.
2) *California State University at Bakersfield. 2.5 overall GPA, 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours. No thesis or project required.
3) Holy Names University in Oakland 2.6 overall, 3.0 in major. No thesis or project required.
4) University of San Francisco 2.75 overall. No thesis or project required.
5) •*San Diego State University 2.85 in the last 60 hours. Project required. This is a very good program, and it would probably be my 3rd choice, but it’s three years, including summers, and all the other programs are two years, excluding summers. Also, when I checked out the book of psychology grad schools a few months ago, I opened up to the page the librarian left the bookmark in and it was opened up to this one. Crazy, because I had already looked at it a long time ago and there was no Counseling Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy program. However, once I looked in the book, it turned out there is such a program there, but it’s through the college of education, for some reason.
6) *Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles. 3.0. Thesis or project required.
7) California State University at Stanislaus in Turlock. 2.5. Thesis required.
8) Dominican University of California in San Rafael. 3.0. No thesis or project required.
9) *Argosy University in Santa Ana. 3.0. No thesis or project required. Nothing about this one sticks out, but I had no reason to count it out.

*School in SoCal
•School with a big Jewish population

These videos are sequential. I keep thinking about the second one during class and laughing and I hope my teachers don’t see and think I am laughing at them. I feel bad.

P.S. What is with YouTube taking down all the copyrighted videos? They took down the Reno ones. And worst of all, THEY TOOK DOWN THE EAGLEWOMAN ONE!!! NOOOO!!! 😦


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