“Jami, that’s not Jesus, that’s a sock.” -Elizabeth

“An Illinois man is legally changing his name to ‘Peyton Manning’ after losing a Superbowl bet with a friend. But to his family, he will always be known as ‘Rex Grossman’.” -Seth Meyers

WE GOT THE APARTMENT!! WOOT! We sign the lease on Wednesday!!

Friday night I went to see a movie about The Lost Boys of Sudan. I knew about them, because there was an episode about them on 7th Heaven a few years ago, but I hadn’t seen more than that. After the movie they had one of them there to speak and then they had Sudanese food. They had macaroons that didn’t have coconut in them!! I ate some kind of spicy eggplant something or other and I was so full, but after eating that, it like absorbed all the food that was in my stomach and I was starving all of a suddent. On a whim, Elizabeth and I decided to drive out to Tuscola to go to Dennys. I tried their new drink “strawberry mango pucker” which is strawberry and mango flavoured lemonade and it was sooo good!

I decided I want to live in Chowchilla, California. Okay not really, I just think it would be cool to say “I live in Chowchilla.”

These new Facebook gifts are interesting, especially the one that reminds everyone of a recent SNL sketch that I’ll never understand why everyone thinks is so funny. They gave everyone one free gift, so is anybody actually going to spend money on them? Personally, I think they’re a great way to say “I know you love chocolates, but you just don’t need the calories.”

I didn’t get to go see Barack yesterday, because nobody wanted to come with. It’s okay though. I hope everyone will Barack the vote next year haha.

My physiology teacher was telling us about this 21 week old unborn baby who had Spina Bifida and was operated on. The removed the uterus via C-Section. The unborn baby grabbed the finger of the surgeon. Here is a picture. So cute!

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