Well I’ve been asking for a break and I got it. Classes are canceled for tomorrow again. If they’re not canceled on Thursday, all I have is bowling at 2, and then we don’t have classes on Friday, then it’s the weekend. The bad news is the union is closed and everyones’ cars are stuck in the parking lot (believe me, we spent 40 minutes scraping ice and warming up Elizabeth’s car and then another 20 trying to move it. We were told there was someone with a four wheel drive SUV who couldn’t even move theirs) and the only retsurant in town that will deliver is Jimmy Johns and they only have one delivery person and they were estimating an hour to an hour and a half per delivery. This is going to be an interesting break. We want to go sledding tomorrow, but the cars won’t move to take us to Wal Mart. Maybe we should do what every other college kid does…build a snow penis. No, I don’t want to do that.


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