I found out why Britney Spears shaved her head. It’s not because she went crazy, but because Kevin Federline threatened to have a drug test done on her to see which drugs she has been using. Now it makes sense.

My Tinkerbell pajama pants had two huge holes in the seat, so I sewed them the other day. They are upholding well, but I have not thrown them in the wash yet, so we’ll see what happens.

However, when Elizabeth got back last night it turned out she had bought me a pair of pajama pants from Old Navy!! She said she wanted to bring me a slice of French Silk ppie from Bakers Square, but it never would have made it back. Then we went to see the Reno movie and she paid for my ticket! Man, I really lucked out on this one!

The Reno MySpace contest is over, so I was able to put my profile back to private. Oh boy does it make my life easier!

What is with the ‘sold out’ gifts on Facebook? One, how can they be sold out? Two, they add new ones everyday, why don’t they just replace them?

I had one last idea to convince my Mom to let me go to Cali over spring break. When she had logged into my PAWS account, she saw my overall GPA and was not happy about it. However, she did not check my major GPA. I just finished my Professions class, which I had failed last year. I got a B in it this time, so the F disappeared, which brought my major GPA up to a 3.0. I sent her an e-mail telling her that, as well as telling her grad schools do not require as high of a GPA as she probably thinks (ex: one of the schools in NorCal I am looking at requires a 2.6 overall and a 3.0 in your major) and also that they base a lot of it on the interview and reccomendations, plus my internship this summer will look AMAZING. Well, it worked, but she said it’s going to depend on plane ticket prices, since it’s so close. When I looked the other day Jet Blue still had $217 tickets for round trip, but last night the lowest was $238, both Jet Blue and United. And since I’ve heard some not so good things about Jet Blue recently, if we do wind up going, I think I’d rather take United. The problem is, it flies to LAX. It’s about a two hour drive to Bakersfield from LA, then about four hours to San Diego, and then about two hours back to LA (this is also a lot of gas and I’m sure gas prices there are real cheap). This still isn’t for sure, but if we do wind up going, I wouldn’t mind doing most or all of the driving, as long as my Mom doesn’t do the pressing the invisible brake she usually does when I drive. I know when to stop, I am not stupid. I’ve never even been pulled over, I think I know what I’m doing. However, three things scare me about the thought of driving in California:
1) I heard California drivers are even crazier than Chicago drivers (is that possible?)
2) I heard they don’t have left turn arrows in California
3) I heard the light turns green the exact second the perpendicular light turns red
This is not for sure but I so very badly want to go gah!! Also, I think I have pretty much given up wanting to live in San Bernardino. I only wanted to live there because that’s where the job I wanted was, but I have heard enough…interesting things about it, that I do not want to live there anymore.

So the Crisis Intervention test I took a couple weeks ago…yeah…She said we could use our books and have one page of notes front and back. I did not read and I did not bother to get notes, I just ripped out the first page of ntoes I had for the class. It was an eight question essay test. The essays were pretty in depth and we had 50 minutes to do it. Fortunately she spent half of the class talking to me, so I got to finish it the next day. Still did not read, still did not get notes. Basically my entire test was filled with a bunch of B.S. (although I tend to do better on essay test than on multiple choice, because it’s not all black and white, it is grey too) and I thought for sure I was screwed. This is the one class that will look good on a grad school app and this test is worth 20% of my grade. I got the test back today and somehow I managed to get a 97%. Not quite sure how that happened, but I’m not complaining. The only other time in my life I have received such a high grade on a real test was in 8th grade when we read the book Night by Elie Wiesel. And by “we,” I mean the rest of my class. I may have read the back of the book, but that was all. I’m not sure how or why, but I did manage to pay attention to all the class discussions about the book. When we had our big test at the end of the book, I somehow had gotten a 99. As if this is not funny enough, Mrs. Gaebler announced to the class that I had gotten the highest grade. How sad for everyone who actually read it haha.

I edited Wikipedia again. This is bad haha.

Also, congratulations to Antonella Barba, the first person on American idol season 6 to be involved in a scandal.



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