Month: March 2007

Jami86e (10:22:16 AM): there was a girl in the class i just came from that was sitting to the right of me (this was in a lecture hall type classroom so the desks are pretty much right on top of each other) and she had her elbow on my desk. she wasn’t left handed, she just had it there while she was writing (like holding the paper) but it was stretched out so far. i figured she would move it when i sat down, but i was wrong. so i put my elbow on the desk touching hers, thinking she would get the hint. still after a ocuple minutes she hadn’t gotten the hint. so i basically just shover her elbow off of the desk
Jami86e (10:23:06 AM): she also smelled like a brand new cabbage patch doll and that’s really weird
MiriLydia (10:23:56 AM): wow, what did she do when you shoved her elbow off the desk?
Jami86e (10:24:06 AM): nothing that i know of
Jami86e (10:24:12 AM): i didn’t look at her after i did it though
Jami86e (10:24:31 AM): she obviously wasn’t very upset, because my pen fell off of the desk later and she picked it up for me
Jami86e (10:24:40 AM): she probably realised she had it coming
MiriLydia (10:24:45 AM): haha
MiriLydia (10:24:49 AM): that’s funny
MiriLydia (10:24:59 AM): i rememeber college…i did stuff like that
Jami86e (10:25:13 AM): yeah don’t mess with me at 9am
Jami86e (10:25:26 AM): or ever. but especially at 9am
Jami86e (10:25:42 AM): i don’t want to be in class, i don’t want to be awake, and i certainly don’t want your elbow on my desk
Jami86e (10:25:45 AM): biotch
MiriLydia (10:25:49 AM): haha
MiriLydia (10:25:56 AM): those should be song lyrics
Jami86e (10:26:02 AM): haha


The finale of Grease on Sunday made me really really happy. Like very extremely happy. After Allie got kicked off last week I decided I wanted Laura to win, and I always wanted Max to win. Both of them won (and I still like them even if they are mean to Jenni Stukin…sorry, Jenni). What was nice is as soon as they announced the winners they showed them the screen in Times Square advertising Grease starring Laura Osnes and Max Crumm. They also brought out the other Pink Ladies and T-Birds/Burger Palace Boys (I’m assuming it’s going to be the T-Birds since this will be a hybrid of the original show and the movie). We only got to see them each for a couple seconds, but based on attribution theory, I think they did a wonderful job casting the T-Birds and Frenchie, but they need a new Jan, Rizzo, and Marty.

Dr. Girard showed us a lot of videos in AP Psych six years ago. I was randomly thinking about one on Monday night and then we wound up watching it in Psychology of Gender yesterday. And it’s not a movie, it was a special that aired on ABC once in the mid 90s.

My strange day yesterday got even stranger. I tried to leave the suite with barefeet, then later walked out of the bathroom without washing my hands (fortunately realised my mistake immediately both times). Then I put my toe sock on the wrong foot and wondered why the big toe hole was so tight when I had just had on the same pair earlier. My bowling game was awful the first four frames and then in the 5th frame I figured out what my problem was and wound up with a 116???

Apparently there is a restaurant in Mattoon that has stuffed pizza, so Elizabeth and I went to try it tonight. The crust could have been better, but the cheese and the sauce were sooo good. They didn’t have spinach as a choice though, which was weird. But mmmm.

So for some reason I can’t make calls on my cell phone. I can receive them, I just can’t make them. I was able to call Cingular and they told me to shut off my phone for 30 seconds and then call back from another phone, any phone, as long as it’s not my cell. So I shut it off and it didn’t work. The only phone I could get to was Elizabeth’s. So I called the same number and it connected me to Verizon. So I had to no choice but to call Cingular from MY phone again. So I called and oh guess what they were closed. Thanks to the tech lady for telling me they were closing in two minutes, instead of telling me to call back. Throwing my phone did not help. I still cannot make calls. And, since I can’t dial out of my room phone and my Dad had them turn of texting a long time ago, if I am dying before this gets fixed, I guess I am just going to die.

So you know your teacher is awesome when they say “this next thing I found on Wikipedia…” and my physiology teacher said that twice during her lecture today. We also learned about Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning, adding to the list of reasons I’m glad I’m Jewish.

Everytime Angelina Jolie adopts another child I think of this:

I’m having a strange morning. I saw George’s name on someone’s mini feed on Facebook and, for some reason, the first thought that came into my head (also the first actual thought of the morning other than I want to go back to sleep…and then it turns out my 8am lab is canceled and I don’t have clas until 2pm, so I could have slept 6 extra hours) was….why would I stand in line for HOURS to buy Star Wars Episode I tickets for someone who wasn’t even nice to me most of the time? And then he got grounded and couldn’t go (even though it was his birthday??) and gave the tickets away. To Megan Wittenberger. I didn’t even like Megan Wittenberger! And he knew that! Why, why would I do that and why am I just realising this now?

I’m also sweating like a whore in church…are we sure they turned the air conditioning on yesterday?

Current mood: drained

SWJF seeks pinch student for 3-4 years of school, starting August 2007. Must be willing to relocate to California in Summer 2008 to study Counseling Psychology in graduate school. Must be good with people and able to get through therapy sessions without coming across as unstable. Ability to write Cliffs Notes a plus. Ex convicts need not apply.

I really want to see the movie “Reign Over Me” but I don’t think i’m going to get to, unless it’s still playing after I get back from CA. Sad. Also, Adam Sandler’s dog’s name is Matzahball. I love it.

It’s 80º out. I always say perfect weather is between 75 and 85, but I changed my mind from being outside even for a few minutes today. I only like this hot weather if I’m tanning (only because I need the sun for my pasty skin) or if I’m swimming, and I haven’t really been swimming in the last eight years, so yeah. I’m thinking way upper 60s to mid 70s is perfect.

Gas is up to $2.54. It seems to get higher as the temperature gets higher. I have <half a tank and I am going home in a week and a half. I am wondering if I should fill up now or wait until the day before. It takes half a tank to get home, so even if I fill it up now I will have more than enough gas to get home. I wish there was a gas price forecast like there is a weather forecast, TV guide, etc.

I got one of my Wikipedia submission back up. Some punk deleted “cheese” as a [[hamantaschen]] filling because he had never heard of it. As if that is a good reason to delete something. So I posted on the discussion page about my having eaten cheese hamantaschen every year for as long as I can remember and my Mom buys it from a bakery. Also if you search for it on Yahoo or Google there are a ton of recipes. So he added it back and put a reference on it to prove that it exists…yet he added caramel as a filling with no reference to prove it exists. I have never heard of caramel as a filling. So maybe I should delete that on the grounds that I have never heard of it. I won’t. But for real.

So it turns out they don’t make my bandaids anymore and I just used up the last of the most commonly used size and I don’t know what I’m going to do now. Crap.

I decided I am going to try to leave here on the Wednesday of finals week. My last final is scheduled to end at 4:45 that day (I’ve never had a final last more than about 45 minutes, so I highly doubt it will go that long). I was going to leave the next day, but I would want to sleep in and it’s ridiculous to get home around 8 or 9pm when you have to laundry and pack and be out of the house by 5:00am the next day. So I may get back super late on Wednesday night, but at least I will have Thursday to rest/tan outside/do laundry/pack, etc. Of course this means packing up my stuff in advance, so we’ll see how that works out. Also, I still don’t feel like I am going, even though it’s only 5.5 weeks away now.

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton Unhurt in Crash

AP-Released three hours ago
The Associated Press reports that New York junior Senator Hillary Clinton, narrowly escaped injury in the aircraft that she was piloting when she was forced to make an emergency landing in Southern New Jersey because of bad weather.

National Transportation Safety Board officials have issued a preliminary determination that pilot error contributed to the accident, and that the senator was flying a single engine plane in IFR [instrument flight rating] conditions while only having obtained a VFR [visual flight rating] rating.

The absence of a post-crash fire was likely due to insufficient fuel on board. No one on the ground was injured.

A photograph taken at the scene shows the extent of damage to the Senator’s aircraft. She was very lucky.

I figured out how to access my contribution log on Wikipedia and everything I have ever added has been deleted. I think they hate me. 😦

I also figured out how to see which pages have been banned and why. I’m only looking at some of them, but so far my favorites are “awkward turtle” was originally deleted because it was ‘nonsense,’ “uses for stolen souls” was ‘patent nonsense’, and “list of heterosexual Wikipedia admins” was originally deleted because the page was empty haha.

What’s the difference between nonsense and patent nonsense? This is Wikipedia’s answer.

So my Dad is finally going to get his money from the lawsuit from the car accident four years ago. Like he was going to, he is buying the car he drives now and buying himself a new car. The car he drives now was going to go to me. This was going to be my birthday present. Now he has decided to give it to Marni instead because my Mom is kicking her out of the house (she’ll be moving in with my Dad) and if she doesn’t have her own car she’ll sink into a deep depression that she’ll never get out of. My Dad said IF I get into grad school in California he’ll make Marni give me the car to take with me and keep there. I think this is a stupid idea. She’s not in school, she doesn’t have a job, and she keeps getting into accidents (ex: she took out the sideview mirror two weeks ago because she doesn’t know how to back out of the garage). I go to school four hours away and I’m driving a ’96 Ford Taurus with over 130,000 miles on it. I think I need that car a little more than she does. And, frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes off with it and we never see or hear from her again. If not soon then she will when it’s time for me to move and my Dad tells her she needs to fork it over to me. It’s a lose lose situation.

I aced my Human Physiology test the other day. Well I haven’t gotten my score yet, but it was a crossword puzzle with a word bank and everything matched up. I had a 78% going into this test, so I for sure have a B now, which means I have to do well on the next two tests if I want to keep that B.

It was 74º outside here yesterday. it’s supposed to be in the 60s in California when I’m there. Poop.

Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie from Full House) is going to be here on April 4 to speak about her meth addiction. And what better place to speak about it than in Coles County, meth capital of Illinois.

I found out one of the former members of the band Augustana is Messianic.

And the question everyone is asking: Are The Cubs going to be a losing team again this year? See video below for the answer…