“The Color Purple is about…the color purple.” -Quincy Jones

As soon as I walked into Matthew’s house last night he told me Jews for Jesus is going to be at Campus House so I ‘HAVE TO’ go. I don’t personally know the woman who is coming to speak, but I know OF her…enough that I have seen her MySpace on several peoples’ pages and found it with no trouble. I messaged her and she said there is going to be a Mishpocagobana Shabbat dinner in Urbana that weekend and she asked for my address so she can send me an invitation. Awesome!

My bowling score today was 100 on the dot.

So California is definitely out for spring break, BUT my Mom is seriously considering the week of May 7. If we go that week hopefully we’ll also be headed up to NorCal to visit my three schools there. Okay, I look at a map and I guess The Bay Area/Sillicon Valley are technically CenCal and not NorCal. But if you look at a map of the counties in California (see Fig 1.1) there is almost a straight line above San Luis Obispo, Kern, and San Bernardino counties. If I were living in SoCal, I would probably consider anything above that line to be NorCal, kind of like anything below I-80 is Southern Illinois…until you go to school there, then it’s Central Illinois. If we do get to San Francisco, I’m going to have to find the Full House house. I’m figuring it shouldn’t be too hard, considering it’s the picture on the San Francisco page on Wikipedia.

Fig 1.1


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