Current mood: Sick.

So I started taking Prilosec (I feel so old) and it made me feel worse like the Pepcid. I haven’t taken any Tums since I had started taking the Pepcid, because I want to make sure whatever I’m taking is working on its own,but last night I just couldn’t take it anymore. I took a couple Tums. I still felt like complete crap, but nto nearly as much as I had before I took them. I’m not taking the Prilosec again today. It said it could take up to four days to start working, but I can’t deal with feeling like that, especially for my long drive on Friday. Ugh. I hate to do this, but I’m missing so many classes and still haven’t gotten my portfolio together, which was due Friday, but Dr. Dietz lost some of my assignments so I got an extenstion. I feel so crappy I just want to throw up because I think it will make me feel better, at least temporarily. I’m not going to stick my finger down my throat, I’m just hopin it will come up on its own, but it’s not. I’ve tried everything…thinking about living in Indiana or listening to Ashlee Simpson’s music, and watching this video:

Nothing is working. I decided my Mom is going to have chicken soup ready for me when I get home on Friday. I’m just going back to bed and am going to stay there all day. And I was supposed to make up a test today. And I’m missing the health fair, which I have been looking forward to for like ever, hoping it wouldn’t suck like the one last year. And I was supposed to be in it too, but the Psych Club officers are not very together. Somebody go to the health fair for me and pick up all the free stuff pleaseeeeee.


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  1. i like thin mints but i don’t really have the urge to buy some (or even take some for free when a girl in my class offered me some since she bought a box and tried to give some away so she wouldn’t eat the a box of cookies in a day)

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