Well I’ve never had my name pronounced “Gammy” before, but leave it to the smarties at health services.

I got up early this morning to go to health services, only to find out they LOST my appointment. Fortunately, the doctor I saw a few weeks ago had an opening this afternoon. And, of course, after I said it was a follow up visit they asked if it was a women’s health follow up visit. *Rolls eyes*

So I go to my appointment. She actually remembered me and exactly what she had told me. Hearing “I don’t know what to tell you” is not a good thing, although I suppose it’s better than hearing “you’re dying.” I had to get blood work done. I explained the situation about my veins to the phlebotomist, and. like all the others, she didn’t listen. Except her reason was “I don’t know how I can take blood from your hands without the vein blowing,” which scares me, because I’ve been havin blood drawn from my hands since I was 14. Although they probably train people at Condell to do that…I know they can’t do anything else right. Anyway, she actually got it out of my arm. I was impressed. And she gave me a Bugs Bunny bandaid, which made me happy, since Condell stopped gave up bandaids, years ago, to gauze and medical tape. However the bandaid only stuck for a few minutes, but it’s the thought that counts.

Hopefully not eating dorm food for nine days will make me better.

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