I guess I should update.

I came home on Friday night. The drive was awful. It was coming down like a mother and parts of 57 and 294, the lines to mark the lanes, in the dark, and in the rain, were pretty much invisible. It sucked, but I am alive and in one piece.

I haven’t felt sick at all since I have been home. I also lost 2lbs in less than 48 hours. It’s obviously the dorm food. I also decided to pay the extra 50 cents for burner boost in my Jamba Juice, since my triglycerides are so high. I have 6.5 weeks left having to live on campus. I don’t know what I am going to do about the food…maybe live off of Subway and salads. At least now I have proof that’s what it was and I don’t have to worry about going to see a gastroenterologist or that there’s something really wrong with me, like Celiac Disease or something..oh man that would suck. But I’ve had a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s (with pepperjack cheese) and I was fine from that, so it’s obviously the dorm food.

I went to Baskin Donuts on Friay night and walked away with a free large kiwi something or other, which was weird, and a free donut. Not quite sure how that happened, but the guy just asked me if I wanted the kiwi thing and then when I got home I looked in the bag and there was an extra donut.

Saturday I went to the invitational. I only went to see finals, after last year’s fiasco, and hoped the judges weren’t stupid enough to not let Mr. Carroll’s group in. They got in, as did their girls’ group, as did Hersey’s girls’ group…which says a lot about the other groups that were competing. The girls’ groups were good, but how often do you see girls’ groups in finals? Wheeling was in finals again, for some reason. Northside Establishment wasn’t. I didn’t see them this year, but the few times I have seen them they were really good. This was the only time I’ve seen Wheeling that I didn’t think they were awful. However, I wonder how their heads fit on stage.

Four years ago I made a prediction about Sound for this year. My prediction was that after everyone who has ever had contact with Mr. Carroll as a director graduated, that Sound would be really amazing. I’m not going to comment on that, but let the viewers at home judge for themselves, based on their ballads:

Also, my Dad is taking me to Roma’s tomorrow night for a belated birthday dinner and I’m so excited, because I haven’t been there since we saw Spamalot, which was over two years ago!!

And Jewel sells Goose Island root beer, so I don’t have to freak out anymore, because Dominicks no longer sells it!!



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