So my Dad is finally going to get his money from the lawsuit from the car accident four years ago. Like he was going to, he is buying the car he drives now and buying himself a new car. The car he drives now was going to go to me. This was going to be my birthday present. Now he has decided to give it to Marni instead because my Mom is kicking her out of the house (she’ll be moving in with my Dad) and if she doesn’t have her own car she’ll sink into a deep depression that she’ll never get out of. My Dad said IF I get into grad school in California he’ll make Marni give me the car to take with me and keep there. I think this is a stupid idea. She’s not in school, she doesn’t have a job, and she keeps getting into accidents (ex: she took out the sideview mirror two weeks ago because she doesn’t know how to back out of the garage). I go to school four hours away and I’m driving a ’96 Ford Taurus with over 130,000 miles on it. I think I need that car a little more than she does. And, frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes off with it and we never see or hear from her again. If not soon then she will when it’s time for me to move and my Dad tells her she needs to fork it over to me. It’s a lose lose situation.

I aced my Human Physiology test the other day. Well I haven’t gotten my score yet, but it was a crossword puzzle with a word bank and everything matched up. I had a 78% going into this test, so I for sure have a B now, which means I have to do well on the next two tests if I want to keep that B.

It was 74º outside here yesterday. it’s supposed to be in the 60s in California when I’m there. Poop.

Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie from Full House) is going to be here on April 4 to speak about her meth addiction. And what better place to speak about it than in Coles County, meth capital of Illinois.

I found out one of the former members of the band Augustana is Messianic.

And the question everyone is asking: Are The Cubs going to be a losing team again this year? See video below for the answer…


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