I’m having a strange morning. I saw George’s name on someone’s mini feed on Facebook and, for some reason, the first thought that came into my head (also the first actual thought of the morning other than I want to go back to sleep…and then it turns out my 8am lab is canceled and I don’t have clas until 2pm, so I could have slept 6 extra hours) was….why would I stand in line for HOURS to buy Star Wars Episode I tickets for someone who wasn’t even nice to me most of the time? And then he got grounded and couldn’t go (even though it was his birthday??) and gave the tickets away. To Megan Wittenberger. I didn’t even like Megan Wittenberger! And he knew that! Why, why would I do that and why am I just realising this now?

I’m also sweating like a whore in church…are we sure they turned the air conditioning on yesterday?


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